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Ethics Field Practicum Experience

CEED 5900

Practicum Site: National Jewish Center on Learning and Leadership (Clal)
About The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
Established in 1974, Clal is a leading think tank, training institute, and resource center. Clal’s faculty and scholars, representing a wide variety of disciplines, engage in high-level scholarship, education, and consultation. Clal collaborates with leaders, businesses, and organizations to create and improve programs, policies, and practices with moral and ethical implications, and work frequently with leaders within the health care, legal, business, policy, and education arenas. Their influential and thought-provoking work engages leaders, scholars, practitioners and the general public to encourage pluralism and promote diversity. Clal scholars and leaders partner with a wide range of individuals and organizations to infuse spiritual and religious wisdom in addressing a variety of professional, religious, and ethical challenges. Scholars at Clal publish widely on a variety of topics and are sought after to comment on current issues of contemporary social importance in highly visible radio, television, and print media outlets.

Ethics Field Practicum Experience
The practicum course has 3 components: Field experience, weekly or biweekly class meetings, and an independent practicum project.

Field Experience:
Students will spend one day per week (approximately five hours) at the Clal office in midtown Manhattan. Students will meet with Clal staff to discuss overlap between student interest and Clal projects and will be assigned 1-2 primary projects for the semester. These may include conducting research for upcoming policy paper or publication, assisting in the planning an implementation of ethics-related conferences and symposia, or assisting on health-care related projects.

Class Meetings:
Students are also expected to attend Ethics & Society Practicum class meetings held at the Rose Hill campus to discuss assigned readings, their practicum experiences and plan their independent practicum project (see below).
Independent Practicum Project

In consultation with the professor of the Ethics and Society Practicum class and Clal, students will select a relevant ethical question or issue to research (using resources both at Fordham and Clal). This project should be associated with their practicum experiences and complimentary to their interests, coursework and/or professional background/goals. Students will present their projects at an end-of-semester seminar with staff and students at either Fordham University or Clal.

Student Requirements
1. Attend practicum site one day per week (approximately five hours) for one semester.
2. Attend weekly or biweekly practicum class meetings at Fordham University
3. Completion of the practicum project.
4. Prior to beginning their on-site projects students will be provided applicable Clal institutional rules and regulations. Students are expected to comply with rules and regulations relevant to their activities at Clal.

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