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2014 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipients enroll in Ethics and Society courses and participate in a broad range of the Center for Ethics Education events, including sponsored lectures, faculty ethics seminars, and other Center events. Below are brief biographies of our 2014 Santander Universities/Fordham Ethics and Society Scholarship recipients.

  Dublin, Ireland  |  Ethics Intensive Workshop  |  Spring 2014

Rachel Heavey will travel from Dublin, Ireland to participate in the 2014 Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics workshop. Ms. Heavey earned a First Class honours degree in Law with Philosophy from University College Dublin in 2013. In 2011/2012 she spent a year studying international law and completed graduate courses in philosophy at Stockholm University, Sweden. Former editor at the University College Dublin Law Review, she was runner-up of the inaugural Bold Ideas award for student innovation in the legal sphere, as organized by Ireland’s leading law firm, A&L Goodbody. She is currently pursuing an M. Phil in Creative Writing at the Oscar Wilde Centre for Irish Writing at Trinity College, Dublin and plans to pursue a terminal degree in the area of philosophy and law. A lover of New York, she spent last summer working in the East Village.

Rosenheim, Germany  |  Ethics Intensive Workshop  |  Spring 2014

Stephan Hecht will travel from Rosenheim, Germany to attend this year’s Theories and Applications in May. Mr. Hecht completed his pre-diploma and undergraduate studies at the University of Munich, where he served as the chief editor of the student journal Rundbogen. He is currently studying at Heythrop College in their master’s program in Philosophy and Religion. Upon completion of the master’s program, he plans to apply for a doctoral degree at Oxford University where he hopes to continue his philosophical and theological studies in the areas of faith and justice. Mr. Hecht’s main area of scholarship centers on ancient and medieval developments within the relationship between moral truth, faith and ethical theory, where he hopes to be able to contribute on a widening of the term justice and its deep metaphysical tradition.

London, England  |  Ethics Intensive Workshop  |  Spring 2014

Gregory Jackson will travel from London, England to attend this year’s Theories and Applications Ethics Intensive workshop. Mr. Jackson completed his undergraduate studies in the University of Oxford in Philosophy and Theology. After completing his undergraduate degree, he concluded that the problems and normative ethical questions raised by the constant and rapid advances in medical technology were more pressing than the more epistemological philosophy he studied while at Oxford. As a result, he undertook a one year Masters in Contemporary Ethics in Heythrop College, with an emphasis upon bioethics and medical ethics. This summer, he will be working on his dissertation on the role doctors as professionals. Following his master’s program, Mr. Jackson hopes to return to Oxford in order to do a doctorate in Bioethics and ultimately teach​. Next year, while completing his doctoral program applications, he will be working in the British Parliament shadowing a member of parliament (MP).

Lagos, Nigeria  |  Ethics Intensive Workshop  |  Spring 2014

Michael Olusegun Afolabi will travel from Nigeria to attend this year’s Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics workshop. Originally trained in the biomedical sciences in Nigeria, Mr. Afolabi has a keen interest in the social sciences and humanities. His research interests span areas of bioethics such as neuroethics, public health ethics, professionalism, research ethics and theological ethics. He is also interested in academic disciplines such as clinical chemistry, healthcare innovation and medical sociology. He has published research articles and made a number of paper presentations at academic conferences across the continents. Mr. Afolabi is currently a doctoral student at the Center for Healthcare Ethics at Duquesne University and will serve as an Associate Editor of an upcoming volume of the Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics which will be published by Springer. He also writes poetry and has contributed poems to two published anthologies.

Associate Professor of Medicine  |  Medical College Kolkata, India

Arunansu Talukdar started his professional career as physician and got involved in caring AIDS patients. Later he obtained his Ph.D. in Epidemiology from School of Public Health at University of California Los Angeles in 2007, focussing on sexual risk behaviour and STD/HIV scenario among homeless people in Kolkata, India. He has published several articles on association of circumcision and reduced HIV acquisition, inconsistent condom use and high prevalence of STDs among homeless people. He completed WHO Fellowship in 2011 and later published articles on coping strategy, quality of life among HIV infected people. After joining Medical College Kolkata, India, he conducted a course on research methodology in STD/HIV in collaboration with Washington University. He is now guiding five MD students who are conducting research on HIV prevention and care. He hopes to develop a training centre for health research for all categories of staff.


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