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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Donna Brazile delivering the keynote address

This conference
addressed major issues at the intersection of gender and social justice, and the role religious traditions play in  understanding and advancing positions on these issues in the public  arena, particularly in the United States in an election year.  We live in an era of change and public contention over a host of issues  relating to marriage, family, men’s and women’s participation in  communities, workplaces, and politics. Because they involve understandings of justice and well-being for individuals and groups, gender-related social and political debates inevitably implicate moral and religious questions.

Offering a spectrum of informed, religious and interdisciplinary perspectives, the conference aimed to provide a forum for considering social justice and equality for men  and women, and illuminating ways that gender-related beliefs and  practices, which are often-religiously influenced, affect economic  and social policy as well as female representation in government.  

The keynote speaker was
Donna Brazile, political commentator and Chair of the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute  

Pulpit Politics Conference (from left to right):  
Celia Fisher, Adam Fried, Stephen Freedman, Donna Brazile, Nancy Busch, and Costas Panagopoulos

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Sponsored by

The Center for Ethics Education and
The Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy

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