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Current and Previous Center Fellows and Scholars


Udo Lehmann

Visiting Center Fellow
Udo Lehmann received his PhD in social ethics from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany in 2006 with a dissertation on international and intercultural business ethics. For his post-doc thesis, he examined the ethical problems of social inequality and the asymmetric structure of opportunity distribution in modern societies. For his time at the Center for Ethics Education, he will focus on political ethics, specifically on ethical implications balancing freedom and security in contemporary policy making facing threats like transnational terror and fundamentalist agitation.

Jeremy V. Cruz
Visiting Center Scholar
Jeremy V. Cruz earned his doctoral degree Theological Ethics at Boston College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in U.S. history from the University of California, Riverside and a Master of Divinity from Boston College. While at Fordham, he is completing his Ph.D. dissertation, which analyzes and morally evaluates socio-economic inequalities and their adverse effects on U.S. farm workers. This project uses recent Catholic social thought to specify human ethical obligations to social equality amid the rapidly increasing migration of capital, technology and people across nation-state borders.

Cruz has recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics at St. John's University in Queens, NY. 

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the directors and staff of the Center for Ethics Education for their support of my doctoral research and for promoting my professional development during our time together at Fordham.  I have witnessed and benefit from the CEE's commitment to educating and promoting scholarly research concerning the ethical dimensions of life in human society and in a vulnerable planetary biosphere.   I look forward to sustaining my connection to the important interdisciplinary work of the CEE as it responds to a vital educational need here in New York City."

James Bourke
Visiting Center Fellow
James Bourke received his Ph.D. in political science from Duke University in May, 2011. He specializes in political theory, and his research focus is in contemporary normative democratic theory. His dissertation revises interpretations of Isaiah Berlin’s theory of value pluralism to emphasize its contributions to moral phenomenology and practical reasoning, and argues for participatory practices of democratic deliberation that incorporate these insights. While at the Center, James prepared his dissertation for publication as a book and pursued several article-length projects.

Christiana Peppard

Visiting Center Scholar, 2010-2011
Currently assisant professor of Theology and Science, Fordham University
Christiana Peppard received a Ph.D. from the Department of Religious Studies from Yale in 2011. She also received her Master's in Religion (Ethics) from Yale Divinity School and a BS from Stanford in Human Biology. Ms. Peppard has focused her time at Fordham on her dissertation project, advised by Margaret A. Farley, on the global situation of fresh water scarcity.  This project employs recent Catholic social teaching and moral anthropology in order to assess the types of value ascriptions that normatively define fresh water in an era of economic globalization.  Dr. Peppard is now assisant professor of Theology and Science at Fordham University.

Lissett Babaian
Visiting Center Scholar, Spring 2010
The Center for Ethics Education is pleased to welcome Lissett Babaian as a Center Scholar for the 2010 spring semester. Ms. Babaian graduated from Duke University with a degree in public policy. Her scholarly interests include the effects of pedagogy and policy on moral development and educational interventions that support disadvantaged children around the world. She will spend time at the Center for Ethics Education researching these topics under the mentorship of Dr. Celia Fisher, Director of the Center for Ethics Education. Ms. Babaian was awarded a Rotary World Peace Fellowship and will begin studying for a Master’s degree following her residency.

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