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In addition to the work sponsored by the Center for Ethics Education, there are a variety of other forums within Fordham University through which students and faculty may engage in probative ethical research and discussion. These include (but are not limited to) Ethics-related events and programs around the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center Campuses, Ethics Scholarship, Colloquims at Fordham Law, and associations with Center Affiliated Institutes.

Ethics-Related Events and Programs In and Around Fordham

Consistent with Fordham's mission, a variety of centers and institutes at the university present ethics-related events and programs. The Center for Ethics Education seeks to disseminate information about such events, whether hosted by Fordham or by other area institutions. For more details about upcoming ethics events in and around Fordham, please view the Center's calendar of upcoming events. If you are planning an ethics event you would like to appear on our calendar, we would be happy to list it. Please send details to 

Several research centers and institutes are sponsored by Fordham University. Though dedicated to a variety of concerns, these centers and institutes have often hosted speakers who address their discipline's nexus with ethical concerns. Please visit the following websites for upcoming programs:

Ethics Scholarship at Fordham

Fordham University faculty from a range of departments conduct research on ethical issues in pursuing their own work. Learn about
recent ethics scholarship at Fordham University, or view a list of some of Fordham's faculty working in ethics and a description of their projects.

Ethics and Society Blog and Social Media

The Center for Ethics Education maintains both a blog and a Twitter feed to share and discuss contemporary events related to ethics. Additionally, the Masters in Ethics and Society has a presence.

Centers and Institutes at Fordham

The Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics

  • The Fordham Center on Religion and Culture

  •The Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies

  •The Beck Institute for Religion and Poverty

  • The Archibishop Hughes Institute for Religion and Culture

  • The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs

  • The Feerick Center for Social Justice

  • The Institute on Law, Religion, and Lawyer's Work

View a full list of Fordham's
research centers and institutes.

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