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HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics


The Fordham University HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute has compiled a number of continuously-updated resources in HIV prevention and drug use research ethics for Institute participants, researchers, students, faculty and teachers, as well as the general public, including:
nih funding Opportunities in HIV and Drug Use Research Ethics

HIV and Drug Abuse Research Ethics  Biblography
Our continuously updated Bibliography contains a list of articles and chapters on topics of HIV prevention, research ethics, and the links between HIV risk and drug use. This selected bibliography has been compiled by the Fordham Center for Ethics Education and faculty members affiliated with the Center's HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute.
downloadable reti faculty lectures
Our Downloadable Lectures page provides access to lectures given by the faculty of the Fordham HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute (RETI) during the Summer 2011 and Summer 2012 programs.
Research ethics regulations and guidelines
View our Research Ethics Regulations and Guidelines page for national and international guidelines for the protection of participants in HIV and drug abuse prevention research.
relevant government and organization resources
Please visit our Government Links and Resources page to view a list of governmental resources related to research, ethics, and HIV and drug abuse prevention. Links to Organizations related to HIV prevention, drug use, and research ethics are also provided.

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