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Access Institute Readings on Blackboard

HIV Prevention Research Ethics Bibliography
and Readings

In order to access the readings for the Fordham HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute, it will be necessary to use the Blackboard system.
Instructions to Access Blackboard

All faculty and fellows have been assigned Fordham University usernames and passwords, which have sent to you in an email by the RETI staff.
With this username and password, please sign in to Blackboard using the link below.

Once in logged in to Blackboard, click on the "Organizations" tab in the upper right corner of the screen. Once on the Organizations page, you will see a link to "HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute." Please click on this.

All readings for the institute are located in the Blackboard folder titled "RETI Curriculum Readings," which can be located on the left hand directory list within the RETI Blackboard account.

For any questions regarding Blackboard or accessing the readings, please feel free to contact Erika Harrington, Institute Coordinator, at or (718) 817- 0927.

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