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Center Research

The Center for Ethics Education has received several federally-funded research projects. Descriptions of current and past studies are below.

A selection of research measures developed from Fordham projects is available by selecting the "Downloadable Measures" link at the left or by clicking here.

»  Ethical Challenges for Research Extenders Responsible for the Integrity of Community Addiction Research

»  Participant Perspectives on Drug Use/HIV Testing Research Ethics

Fordham Resident Alcohol Prevention Program

»  Fordham Athlete Alcohol Prevention Initiative

»  Mentoring the Responsible Conduct of Research

»  Assessment and Enhacement of Research Consent Capacity for Adults with Mental Retardation

Click here to download a presentation regarding informed consent for research involving subjects who are developmentally disabled or mentally retarded.

» Minority Perspectives on Attitudes toward Informed Consent Procedures for Adolescent Risk Research

Click here to request the Adolescent Discrimination Index, the measure associated with this study.



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