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Resources and Links

The Center for Ethics Education has a number of resources for researchers, students, faculty and teachers, as well as the general public, including:

Research Ethics Regulations and Guidelines

View our Research Ethics Regulations and Guidelines page for National and International guidelines for protecting participants in HIV prevention research.

Research Ethics Scales and Measures

The Fordham University Center for Ethics Education in partnership with the HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute provides continuously-updated evidence-based research ethics resources for investigators who wish to use scales and measures to study all aspects of research ethics, not limited to HIV prevention.

Ethics Case Studies

The Center has a number of
Ethics Case Studies that have been presented at our workshops. The cases are provided to illuminate dilemmas and to promote discussion among those involved in research and policy development.

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Resources pages contain valuable information for researchers and IRB members, including a history of the IRB, role and composition of the IRB, challenges and preparing successful IRB applications. 

Special Topics and Populations

View our Special Topics pages, which include information about HIPAA, Informed Consent, AIDS/HIV-related Research, and research with special populations.

Organization Links & Ethics Codes

Links to numerous govenment and private organization websites
 relating to ethics, research, and/or biomedicine are provided. The Center is also currently building a page to link to various professional ethics codes

Ethics Codes:

American Psychological Association Ethics Code - Revised 2

Social Work:
National Association of Social Workers
International Federation of Social Workers

Ethics Codes and Guidelines (compiled by the Illinois Institute of Technology)
2013 Edition of the International Compilation of Human Research Standards

Organization Websites:


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