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Special Topics and Populations

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Special Topics

Enhancing Multicultural Ethical Competence in Social Science Research (Fisher, 2012) (powerpoint presentation)
Delivered at the Seventh International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Barcelona, Spain, June 27, 2012
HIV Vaccine Research Presentation (Fisher, 2010) (powerpoint presentation)
HIPAA Information
Minimal Risk Research
Emergency Research Consent Waiver 
Treatment Control Group Designs 
Informed Consent 
Protecting Confidentiality 
Challenge Studies 
Inclusion of Different Populations in Research 
Cultural Sensitivity and Mental Health Research 
AIDS/HIV-Related Research 
Disclosure and Data Sharing

Special Populations

NIH Excerpts on the Inclusion of Children in Research  
Consent Procedures for Children and Youth and Child Assent Information
Research with Children
Adults with Impaired Capacity to Consent 
NBAC Recommendations for Research Involving People with Mental Disorders

View Informational videos (released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) on various topics related to research ethics

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