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Research with Children

This page contains resources and links related to research ethics and children.

»  Model HIPAA Authorization Form for guardians of children and and developmentally disabled adults in research
»  Consent Procedures for Children and Youth and Child Assent Information

The Society for Research in Child Development
»  The National Children's Study
»  Recommendations for Revisions by SACHRP Subcommittee
»  Second Report from SACHRP Subcommittee

Case Studies:
»  School-Based Curriculum Research
»  Prevention of Problem Behaviors Associated with Traumatic Loss
»   Factors Influencing Adolescent Alcohol Beliefs & Behaviors
»  Developmental Differences in the Psychological Sequelae of Rape Trauma
»  The Effect of Early Intervention on Youth Violence
»  Prevention Program for Siblings of Asian Youth Slain in Gang

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