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About the CTE

About the Center

The art of teaching is at the heart of the University's life. The Center for Teaching Excellence seeks to develop and enrich the teaching of our faculty, Fordham's greatest asset. To this end, the Center provides the guidance, an environment, and the resources needed to further the art of teaching throughout the university.

To offer a range of resources for teaching, both inside and outside the classroom.
To support the ongoing revision of the Core Curriculum.
To support the University's mission to infuse our teaching with Ignatian Pedagogy.
To reflect Fordham's position at the crossroads of globalization.
To support the integration of Fordham's various constituencies, such as our liberal arts and professional faculties, the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, and regular and adult students.
To support the expansion of Service Learning.

The Center's Staff

Erick Kelemen
Erick (BA 1990 University of Texas; MA 1993 PhD 1998 University of Delaware) has been teaching English and Medieval Studies at Fordham University since 2008. He has taught at *deep breath* The University of Delaware, Widener University, Wabash College, Columbia College (in Missouri), The University of Missouri, and The University of Kentucky. He is the author of Textual Editing and Criticism: an Introduction, published by W. W. Norton in 2008, and is at work on a book about editorially rejected manuscripts of Chaucer and Langland that he has entitled Bad Chaucer.

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