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The New Core:
The Eloquentia Perfecta Requirement
"Eloquentia Perfecta" means felicity with written and spoken expression and the ability to make sound arguments.

The new EP requirement
A primary purpose of the Core Curriculum at Fordham is to enable students to go beyond mere proficiency and achieve a level of excellence in the essential skills of literacy. Excellence in the expressive skills of writing and speaking with logical clarity is founded on the arts of reading, listening, observing, thinking, and mastery and thorough understanding of the topic under consideration.

Students must take 4 EP Courses
After the new Core is implemented in 2009-2010, students will be expected to take four EP seminars during their undergraduate career:

20% of class time in EP courses is given to writing and speaking assignments
Core classes designated as EP courses will dedicate at least 20% of class time to student writing and oral expression.
Work on student writing and oral expression might include:
peer review and editing,
guided group analysis of student essays,
in-class work on essay assignments,
study of discipline-specific writing conventions,
and oral presentations by individuals and/or groups. In order to facilitate sustained and detailed attention to student prose, EP courses will be capped at 19 students.


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