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The New Core

The New Core: An Overview
“Fordham affirms the value of a Core Curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and sciences. The University seeks to foster in all its students life-long habits of careful observation, critical thinking, creativity, moral reflection and articulate expression.”
— Fordham University Mission Statement

What's NEW in the New Core?
Changes in the new Core to come into effect starting 2009-2010:
The Core is now designed to unfold over all four years of the undergraduate degree.
There is a reduction in the Language requirement from five courses to four.
There is a new required course in Understanding Historical Change.
There is a new capstone course. In addition to the Values Seminar, students must take an Interdisciplinary Seminar.
There is a new distributive requirement: students must take 4 eloquentia perfecta or EP courses. These courses are limited to 19 students and devote 20% of class time to exercises designed to help students’ writing and speaking. The Freshman Seminar and Texts & Contexts will be EP seminars in the first year, and the Values Seminar will be an EP seminar in the senior year.
Students are encouraged to take one Service Learning course in the Core.

List of Courses in the New Core
* = change as summarized above

Introductory course
Composition & Rhetoric (1 course, with 1 semester of preparation if necessary)

Introduction to Disciplinary Ways of Knowing
& Concepts Freshman/Sophomore Courses

Mathematical/Computational Reasoning
Natural Science (2 courses, Physical Science and then Life Science)
Philosophy of Human Nature (possible EP-1*)
Faith & Critical Reasoning (possible EP-1*)
Fine & Performing Arts (possible EP-1*)
Foreign Language & Literature (1 course, with 1-3 semesters of preparation)
Text & Contexts (EP-2*)
Understanding Historical Change* (possible EP-1*)
Social Sciences (possible EP-1*)

Advanced Disciplinary Study
Philosophical Ethics
Sacred Texts & Traditions
Advanced Disciplinary Courses in Literature, History, and Social Science (2 courses)

Capstone Courses
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Literature, History, and/or Social Science (1 course)*
Values Seminar (EP-4*)

Distributive Requirements

Eloquentia Perfecta Seminars (4 courses, 3 at first)*
Global Studies
American Pluralism
Service Learning (optional)*

Further Reading
For detailed descriptions of the courses in the new core, see:
Executive Summary of Toward 2016 - Fordham's Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (PDF)

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