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Teaching Tip: Syllabus Disability Statement

Here’s something we hope you’ll include on each syllabus, a statement about disability:

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, all students, with or without disabilities, are entitled to equal access to the programs and activities of Fordham University. If you believe that you have a disability that may interfere with your ability to participate in the activities, coursework, or assessment of the object of this course, you may be entitled to accommodations. Please schedule a meeting to speak with someone at the Office of Disability Services (Rose Hill - O’Hare Hall, Lower Level, x0655 or at Lincoln Center – Room 207, x6282).

The Office of Disability Services (ODS), headed up by Carolyn Mooney (, works with students, faculty, and staff to ensure appropriate services for students with disabilities. Fordham University will make reasonable accommodations, and provide auxiliary aides and services to assist otherwise qualified students who self-identify as having a disability in achieving equal access to its programs, services, and facilities.

It is essential that students who ask for accommodations have registered with the Office of Disability Services. Until a student self-identifies as having a disability and presents an academic accommodation letter written by ODS on ODS letterhead, faculty should not provide any academic accommodations to that student. Faculty should ask students who request accommodations without presenting an accommodation letter to contact ODS so that its staff can work with students to develop an accommodation plan.

ODS staff abides by specific confidentiality standards when working with students with disabilities, but they can and do answer many kinds of questions that faculty have regarding accommodations and ways to work with students with disabilities without breaching confidentiality. They look forward to your call!

Note for Law Faculty:

If you choose to include a statement about Disability Services on your syllabus, do not refer students to the University Office of Disability Services. Instead, please refer students to Abel Montez, Director of Student Affairs, Fordham University School of Law, Office of Disability Services, Garden Level, Room 06, 212-636-7955. The Law School's policy can be found here. Remember, Law students who wish to have their disabilities accommodated must register with the Director of Student Affairs no later than the end of the third week of classes.

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