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Fordham Teacher's Links

Fordham Teacher's Links


Consult the calendar
Academic Calendars

Look it up in the library
Library Hours - This page shows opening hours for libraries on all three campuses.
Fordham University Library Catalog
Fordham University Library Networked Databases
Fordham University Library Research Guides - An ideal "getting started" place.
Electronic Course Reserves - Including information for faculty.
Ask a Librarian - Reference desk telephone numbers plus "live" online reference.
Library Lingo - Helpful and fun!

Order textbooks and check your reserve reading
Fordham Bookstores - or visit the bookstore's channel in your My.Fordham portal.

Inspect your class roster and post grades

Help with showing videos, using home pages, and other instructional aides
Is your classroom a "smart classroom"?
Ask the deputy chair who assigns courses to request a "smart classroom" for you. Check this list to make sure you got it.

Media Services
Even if you're not booked into a "smart classroom" you can still order a television with a VCR or DVD player for your classroom. You can also order a projector and speakers for a laptop. Be sure to drop by Media Services in advance to book exactly what you need on your prefered date. They will bring the equipment to you, and retrieve it after class. If you have to call them in an emergency during classroom time, please be patient! They do appreciate that you have an entire class waiting for their help, and they will do their best to respond as promptly as possible. 

Set up a faculty web site
Start you own home page on the Fordham server. Click on this link to find out how. You can use this account to post your syllabi by uploading an MSWord file. Save time photocopying: post copies of handouts and articles and have students print them and bring them to class.

Faculty Technology Centers
Want to make a scan, need some help with software, got questions about, Blackboard, or Turnitin? Drop by Fordham's Faculty Technology Centers in 416 Lowenstein at Lincoln Center, B-27a Keating Hall at Rose Hill, and 103 Marian Hall at Marymount. Jay Savage and his staff are there to help.

Blackboard FAQ
You can do a lot more these days than simply put your syllabus online. Blackboard provides a way to organize student work outside the classroom.

Credit for internships
Service learning
The Community Service Office writes: "The central idea with service-learning is that students are testing the concepts of their courses (e.g. in the humanities) or practicing the skills of a course (e.g. languages or sciences) through experience in the community. The community service office aids students in finding a site appropriate to a particular course and establishing contact for volunteer placement."

Help with student writing
The Writing Center
"Providing Instruction, Not Correction." As the Writing Center tells students: "Our aim is not only to help you perfect an individual essay; we want to help you develop thetools you need to become a better writer. Our service is free and, if you come with the right expectations and the willingness to participate actively in the session, extremely effective."

Turnitin (stand-alone) and Safe Assign (works with Blackboard)
Combat plagiarism! But beware: these services are no substitute for teaching students to cite sources properly. As Fordham's page about Turnitin points out: "You know your students best. Turnitin reports are based solely on similarities to on-line sources. The service cannot compare writing styles, detect variations in performance across assignments, notice suspicious transitions, or otherwise analyze student writing for tell-tale signs of plagiarism."

Help with students in difficulty
Counseling and Psychological Services
The CPS home page states: "The Counseling Center staff provides a variety of services to help students understand their problems and themselves, achieve satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, set personal goals, and make effective and satisfying career and life choices."

CPS Faculty brochure: Working with the Emotionally Distressed Student
The CPS home page provides this familiar list of student problems: "low self-esteem, procrastination, academic difficulties, career indecision, problems with family, friends, roommates and relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, problems resulting from an abusive childhood or sexual assault, issues in eating and body image, alcohol or substance issues, worry about dating or sexuality, identity issues, bereavement and loss, and financial difficulties." This well-written, frank, and cogent guide features advice on how faculty can help.



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