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Faculty Handbook

Nuggets from the Undergraduate Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook is the touchstone for teacher's at Fordham. But look at this list and blush. Which rule do you think faculty most honor in the breach? Could it be number 4?

Fordham University Faculty Handbook
The Handbook is written in clear plain English and is the touchstone for teaching at Fordham. This semester's highlighted gems are:

1. When are grades due?
3.1 "Semester grades are due within three (3) calendar days of the final examination date in the Fall semester and within two (2) calendar days of the final examination in the Spring semester."

2. What should happen when you have to miss a class?
4.5 "When a class must be canceled due to illness or another unavoidable reason, the Chair of the Department and the Dean should be notified as soon as possible. If you miss a class meeting, please try to provide for make-up time for that missed class. The time can be made up either through an additional class meeting or through the addition of extra time to a series of class meetings."

3. Is there a limit on the number of videos you can show?
4.6 "In appropriate courses, two or three hours during regularly scheduled class meetings per semester may be reasonably devoted to viewing in-class videos or films. However, faculty are required to be present for the full time during which such videos or films are shown. Any faculty who wish to go beyond this are advised to discuss the matter with the Chair or Associate Chair of his or her department."

4. How should you leave the classroom?
9.3.3 "As a matter of professional courtesy, the classroom should be left in its original configuration." In other words, please clean the board for the incoming professor!

5. What do students want out of class?
9.4 "Do not mistake personality for good teaching technique. While some personality can be used to get over the dry spots, there is nothing like a well organized lecture/discussion to put life into a classroom."

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