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Migration, Microfinance and Poverty: Theory and Practice


This intern-disciplinary course introduces students to contemporary theories and research on international migration, development and poverty and the role of remittance and microfinance as new forms of capital alleviating poverty in Latin America nd the new Global South (specifically in nations with increasing rates of immigration and micro-enterprising by women (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa). The main objective of the course is to investigate how migration, remittance and microfinance reduces povery and promotes development. Through lectures and active class discussions, including presentations by invited development and poverty experts, students will further explore how families in poor and developing nations can benefit from remittance and micro-enterprising as well as investments. Interdisciplinary case studies from Mexico, the DR, India and Africa will illustrate how migration, employment and micro-financing can affect employment as well as the ability of women and other families to engage in self-entrepreneurship and development and at once elicit greter government and state involvement and accountability.

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Professors: Norma Fuentes, Darryl McLeod, Raymond Myrthil (Haiti & DR)

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