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CIPS Social Innovation Partners

CIPS Social Innovation Partners Network

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship seeks to apply new technologies and organization forms to reduce poverty especially when formal and informal institutions are inadequate or exclude vulnerable groups. Common denominators among CIPS Social Innovation partners are new ideas to promote the application of new digital technologies to social mobility though Transnational Diaspora Enterprises, the application of knowledge. Immigrants from the DR, Peru, El Salvador and Mexico and New York City immigrants become entrepreneurs because this is often the only employment open to them. In Mexico, Peru, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic recipients of remittances and in particular women in Mexico and Nopales.

The Concourse Fund

The Concourse Group is a nonprofit microfinance organization based in The Bronx that fosters and accelerates entrepreneurship in low-income communities. Concourse is a Startup, Consulting, and Funding source that work sequentially to help Bronx entrepreneurs realize their objectives. It is one way Fordham students to give back to their community and put their knowledge to use in a way that benefits all. Right now we are young professionals providing valuable services to financial institutions in low-income areas and working toward the revitalization and economic empowerment of unbanked communities throughout New York City.

Conocimiento y Ciencia al serviciode un desarrollo sostenible

Knowledge and Science for just and sustainable development

Spare Change

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