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Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

Courses Summary
Finance has always been based on two pillars: expected returns and risk. In today’s times it is necessary to stress the need to properly weigh the latter when making, or advising others in, financial and investment decisions. The Courses in Financial Risk Management has the objective of presenting advanced techniques and concepts used in modern risk management in our complex global financial system. The courses will consist of a minimum of 16 credits, including five core courses and one seminar. Moreover, graduates will be expected to take the FRM exam in the fall following their graduation.
Classes will take place at Fordham’s Westchester campus
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Fordham’s Financial Risk Management courses provide:
• A cohort model with a sequential course structure
• A problem-solving environment with real-life applications
• A comprehensive course structure to fit the needs of the industry
• A solid grounding in ethics and economics
• Collaboration with “Global Association of Risk Professionals”
• An excellent faculty that include industry experts and academic professionals

The Financial Risk Management Courses will consist of five core courses and one seminar on Ethics. The suggested sequence is: 2 courses in the fall term (Economics of Risk Management and Financial Econometrics for Risk Management), 2 courses in the spring term (Credit and Operational Risk Management and Hedging and Derivatives) and 1 course in the summer term (Risk and Regulation). The Ethics seminar will be ongoing throughout the year, culminating in the summer.  The five core courses and the seminar are aimed to provide a solid framework for addressing issues in financial risk management. The seminar on Ethics is a fundamental part of the Certificate and is required for graduation.

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Tuition & Fees
$20,000 for the entire program, texts and GARP - FRM fees

Economics of Risk Management
Credit and Operational Risk Management
Financial Econometrics for Risk Management
Hedging and Derivatives
Risk and Regulation
Ethical Dimensions of Financial Risk Management

Michael Baur, JD, PhD
Jan Dash, PhD
Johanna Francis, PhD
Philippa Girling, LLB, FRM, Esq
Dessa Glasser, PhD
Satyajit S. Karnik, PhD
William May, MS
Joseph P. Quinlan, MA
Stephen B. Raymar, PhD
Erick W. Rengifo, PhD

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Erick Rengifo, Director
Dealy Hall E-513
(718) 817-4061

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