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Research Unit on Immigration, Inequality & Growth

Inequality, Poverty and Mobility

Immigration and financial inclusion (remmittances) are among the most powerful forces
facilitating economic mobility and there by reducing poverty. Recent Hispanic immigrants
to New York for example often skip ahead 400 years in a single journey from rural
Mexico or Central America (or from a Carribean Island).  Education is the key to
economic mobility, for those left behind in the host country and for those who want
their children to get ahead in the United States.  Because remittances finance education
and Diaspora enterprises in both regions, immigration is a major force for mobility
and financial inclusion as well. 

Research Group

Sumaya Ali Brahim received her Ph.D in Political
Economy from Sapienza University of Rome. She
completed her doctoral studies on September 9th, 2013,
with thesis in labor economics on wage and income
inequality in Latin America. Between 2010 and 2012 Dr.
Ali Brahim was a visiting fellow at Fordham University of
New York. She gave lectures on wage inequality at the
Economics Department and assisted Dr. Norma Fuentes 
Mayorga giving lectures on race, gender and ethnicity in
Latin America at the Department of Sociology and
Anthropology. Her major areas of specialization are: macroeconomics,
labor economics, econometrics (time series and panel data analysis).

Her fields of interest include poverty and inequality in developing countries and in
particular the impact of social policy and education on Latin American wage inequality. Also problems rising from race and ethnicity of poor and those rising from climate
changes are objects of Dr. Ali Brahim's interests. Her current projects study: 1) how education,
institutions and globalization affect skill premia in Latin American region; 2) the link between
inequality and mobility in latinAmerica; 3) falling poverty and inequality in Mexico's states and 
municipios and in Latin American region. In 2013 her article on wage inequality in Latin America,
coauthored with Dr. Darryl McLeod, has been selected for the XX Annual Meetings of the
LACEA/IADB/WB/UNDP Research Network on Inequality and Poverty (NIP) at the World Bank
headquarter in Washington, DC.  CV   Research webpage

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