Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Social Justice and Policy Lecture Series

April 2011
Speaker: Amy E. Schwartz
Title: Do Small Schools Improve Performance in Large, Urban Districts? Causal Evidence from New York City

May 2011
Speaker: Francisco Rodriguez, UNDP
Title: The Human Development Report 2010

May 2012
Speaker: Edward Wolff New York University
Title: Rising Profitability and the Middle Class Squeeze”

May 2012
Speaker: Isabel Ortiz, UNICEF
Title: Recovery for All: Rethinking Socioeconomic Policies for Children and Poor Households

September 2012
Speaker: Paul T. Schultz, Yale University
Title: Family Planning and Health as Investments in Women’s Human Capital: Learning from a Quasi-social Experiment in Matlab, Bangladesh 1963-1996

October 2013
Speaker: Mark Levitan, Center for Economic Opportunities, New York City
Title: Creating a Measure of Poverty for New York City

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