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Minority Ownership Comments

News | 2004 - Minority Ownership Comments


On October 5th, 2004, the McGannon Center filed comments in the Federal Communications Commission's "Section 257" proceeding.  This proceeding sought comment on a series of studies conducted for the Commission in the late 1990s on the structural and economic barriers impeding minority ownership of media outlets.  The proceeding also sought comment on constitutionally permissible ways of promoting minority ownership.

The McGannon Center submitted a study examining the relationship between radio stations' minority audience composition and their ability to attract advertising dollars.  The study's results suggest that advertisers value minority audiences significantly less than they value non-minority audiences.  The study concludes that because minority-targeted programming frequently is provided by minority owners, policymakers may need to consider not only the barriers to establishing minority owners, but also the barriers to sustainable minority-targeted programming.

The McGannon Center's comments, and the associated study, are available here.

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