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11.20.05. A recent McGannon Center research paper, titled "Reassessing the Potential Contribution of Communications Research to Communications Policy: The Case of Media Ownership," received the Top Paper Award from the Mass Communication Division of the National Communication Association, the nation's largest academic association for communication scholars. The paper, authored by McGannon Center Director Philip M. Napoli and McGannon Center Research Assistant Nancy Gillis, was presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, held the weekend of November 19-20 in Boston, MA.  This paper addresses the issue of the traditional disconnect that has existed between communications research and communications policymaking, and argues that the contemporary policymaking environment -- particularly in regards to media ownership -- provides opportunities for communications scholarship to make contributions that previously were unavailable.  The paper outlines the specifics of these opportunities via an analysis of the research issues raised by the Federal Communications Commission's ongoing media ownership proceeding and the decision of the Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit to reject the Commission's June, 2003 media ownership decision. An electronic or hard copy of this paper can be received by contacting the McGannon Center at

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