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Calder Center research faculty and scientists from other research institutions direct a diversity of research programs at the station.
Fordham University's partnerships with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the New York Botanical Garden foster collaboration between Calder Center researchers and scientists at these institutions.

Our research includes work on ecosystem responses to loss of eastern hemlock due to exotic insects and climate change, ecology and epidemiology of vector-borne diseases, avian population dynamics, urban wildlife ecology, behavioral and biochemical adaptations of mammals to extreme environments, the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in forest soils and their responses to control burning and wildfire, and the role of benthic algae in stream food webs.

Graduate and undergraduate students play an active and central part in all aspects of the research conducted at the Calder Center.

Research And Education In The News

News about partnerships, research, and education at the Calder Center.



Inside Fordham
Ecologist Looks Below the Surface for Evolutionary Progress
February 4, 2013

USA Today
Troublesome great-tailed grackle spreads north, west
January 6, 2013

Inside Fordham
Fordham Student Taps Mammals Large and Small for Tick Research

November 8, 2012

Inside Fordham
Study Links Hibernation Habits to Bat-Killing Disease
October 15, 2012

Inside Fordham
Bats Have New Roost at Calder Center
May 7, 2012

Inside Fordham
Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones: Conservation Geneticist Uncovers Secrets of the Past
October 24, 2011

Inside Fordham
A Roof Garden Grows in the Bronx
September 12, 2011
New mosquito species in Rockland likes humans, can spread diseases

September 9, 2011

Inside Fordham
Plant Biologist Works to Support Biodiversity
March 28, 2011

Inisde Fordham
Researchers Fuel Flamingos' Love Flames
September 20, 2010

Inside Fordham
Bird is the Word: Professor Tracks Night Migration in Northeastern Corridor
March 15, 2010

Inside Fordham
Water World: Calder Director Measures Aquatic Health in Upper Mississippi
September 8, 2009

American Scientist
Rip Van Winkle Ecology
July/August 2009

Daily News
Rainy Weather Brings Out Mosquitoes in Full Force
July 21, 2009

Inside Fordham
Biologist Charts Plant Evolution and Climate Change
November 24, 2008

Science Daily
Scientists Propose Creation ofNew Type of Seed Bank
October 16, 2008

Inside Fordham
Biology Professor Receives $293,000 Grant for Hibernation Research
October 14, 2008

Inside Fordham
Researcher Helps to Find Extinct Frog
August 8, 2011

Inside Fordham
Is the Calder Center Bagged? Absolutely
Disease Detectives Keep an Eye on Insects
(Photo Essay)
August 8, 2011

Inside Fordham

Fordham Biologist Looks To The Ground For Animal Clues
August 15, 2008

Fordham Conversations on WFUV (Audio)
Pollinators Good, Pollen Bad 
May 31, 2008

Fordham Magazine (PDF)
Going Green
Spring 2008

Fordham Magazine (PDF)
Seven Questions With Evelyn Fetridge
Spring 2008

Inside Fordham
Scientist Charts Effects Of Climate Change On Hibernating Chipmunks
January 14, 2008

Inside Fordham
Calder Center Awarded NIH Grant To Study Tick Pathogens
November 30, 2007

New York Times
Southern Westchester Is Seeing More Deer
August 10, 2003

Inside Fordham
Saving A Friend Of Summer
September 9, 2002

New York Times

West Nile Case In Queens Shows Virus Is Enduring
August 17, 2002

Inside Fordham
Fordham Scientists To Test For West Nile Virus
March 9, 2000

New York Times
Not Your Imagination
April 19, 1998

New York Times
NIH Awards Grant to Study Ehrlichiosis
April 12, 1998

New York Times
Ravaging Deer Herd Leads To Fences And Loss Of Forests
November 9, 1997

New York Times
Fighting Politics And Lyme Disease
June29, 1997

New York Times
New York City To Search In Parks For Deer Ticks
May 26, 1997


Inside Fordham
Students Present Research At Calder Symposium
August 16, 2007

New York Times

Accolades For Two Students In Science Contest
January 31, 1999

New York Times
Program Helped Westinghouse Finalist 
April 13, 1997

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