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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2006

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2006

Back Row (L to R): Emmanual Ansah, Isaac Mickens, Laura Ward, Kevin Dougherty (RA), Sadia Sahabi, Jamie Deppen, Dave Hammack. Middle Row (L to R): Tara Glover, Rosaly Fernandez, Tammy Winfield, Rachael Herold. Front Row (L to R): Melissa Vaccarino, Dieshia Rosa.

Emmanuel Ansah (Clarkson University)

TrpEG pseudogenes in pea aphid endosymbionts.1,2

Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Plague

Jamie Deppen (SUNY New Paltz)

Stream diatom assemblage diversity on rock and bryophyte substrata.1,3

Supervisor: Dr. John Wehr

Rosaly Fernandez (Fordham University)

Bee diversity in urban and suburban landscapes.1,5

Supervisor: Dr. Gail Langellotto

Rachael Herold (Clemson University)

Laboratory and field competition between larvae of the invasive mosquito species Ochlerotatus japonicus and two native species, Oc. triseriatus and Culex pipiens.1,7

Supervisors: Dr. Richard Falco and Dr. Tom Daniels.

Tara Glover (St. Frances College)

Herbivory and plant defenses.1,4,6

Supervisors: Dr. James Lewis

Dave Hammack (Clarkson University)

Host-seeking and egg-laying behavior of Ochlerotatus japonicus and productivity of artificial containers in the suburban landscape.1,7

Supervisors: Dr. Richard Falco and Dr. Tom Daniels

Isaac Mickens (Fort Valley State University)

Heavy metal accumulation in northern red oak trees along an urban-rural gradient.1,4,6

Supervisor: Dr. James Lewis

Dieshia Rosa (Medgar Evers College)

Environmental factors that regulate tick mortality.1,8

Supervisors: Dr. Amy Tuininga and Dr. Tom Daniels

Sadia Sahabi (SUNY Geneseo)

Molecular identification of entomopathogenic fungi associated with Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick), Part II.1,8

Supervisors: Dr. Amy Tuininga, Dr. Tom Daniels and Dr. Richard Falco

Melissa Vaccarino (Baldwin Wallace College)

Growth responses to nutrients and disturbance in the filamentous Cyanobacterium Lyngbya woellei.1

Supervisor: Dr. John Wehr

Laura Ward (University of Missouri, Rolla)

Do host species affect mycorrhizal responses to defoliation?1,4

Supervisor: Dr. Amy Tuininga

Tammy Winfield (Fordham University)

Testing the resource concentration hypothesis: specialist and generalist herbivores on Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed).1

Supervisor: Dr. Gail Langellotto

1. Funded by the National Science Foundation #REU 0552630 to JDW and JDL.
2. Supported in part by the Biology Department, Fordham University to GP.
3. Supported by the NY State Biodiversity Research Institute grant to JDW.
4. Supported in part by the USDA CSREES grant 2003-35107-13775 to JDL, ART & JJ.
5. Dean's Fellowship Recipient (Office of the Dean of Fordham College).
6. Supported in part by the NSF through grant IBN-0130885 to JDL.
7. Supported in part by NIH grant no. AI065423-02 awarded to RF.
8. Supported in part by a Fordham University Faculty Research Grant to AT.

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