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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2007

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2007

Back Row (L to R): Irene Brew, Michael Bell, Justin Pool, Angel Hundley, John Weston, Mark Burnham. Front Row (L to R): Sakinah Miller, Roger Mitchell, Bridget Walsh.

Michael Bell (Texas A&M University, Galveston)

Relationship Between Nutrient Loading and Growth of the Benthic Cyanobacterium Lyngbya wollei in Lake Mahopac.1

Supervisor: Dr. John Wehr.

Irene Brew (SUNY Albany)

Relationship Between Stream Flow, Nutrients and Bacterial Abundance in Kensico Reservoir Tributaries During Storm Events.1,2

Supervisors: Mr. Steve DiLonardo, Dr. John Wehr.

Mark Burnham (St. Lawrence University)

Invertebrate Communities and Grazing on Benthic Algal Mats in Lake Mahopac, New York.1,3

Supervisor: Dr. John Wehr.

Angel Hundley (Fort Valley State University)

Fine-scale Mapping of an Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Community Identified Using Molecular Tools.1,4

Supervisor: Dr. Amy Tuininga.

Sakinah Miller (Fort Valley State University)

Do Herbivory and Secondary Metabolite Production Vary With Distance From an Urban Center?1,4

Supervisor: Dr. James Lewis

Roger Mitchell (Medgar Evers College)

Does Plant Growth Vary With Ozone Concentrations in the NYC Region?1,4

Supervisor: Dr. James Lewis.

Justin Pool (Trinity College)

Environmental Effects on Virulence of Single or Combined Species of Entomopathogenic Fungi to Ticks.1,5

Supervisors: Dr. Amy Tuininga, Dr. Tom Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco.

Bridget Walsh (Fairfield University)

Movin' On Up: Negative Geotaxis in Rice and Maize Weevils.1

Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Plague.

John Weston (Cedarville University)

Biocontrol of Ticks Using Entomopathogenic Fungi.1,5

Supervisors: Dr. Tom Daniels, Dr. Amy Tuininga, Dr. Richard Falco.

1. Funded by the National Science Foundation #REU 0552630 to JDW and JDL.
2. Funded in part by the NYC DEP to SD.
3. Supported by the NY State Biodiversity Research Institute grant to JDW.
4. Supported in part by the USDA CSREES grant 2003-35107-13775 to JDL, ART and JJ.
5. Supported in part by Novozymes Biologicals, inc. (Salem, VA) to TD.

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