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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2010

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2010

Back Row (L to R): Brian Bell, India Brown, Matthew O'Carroll, Gregory Russo, Nell Roberts.  Front Row (L to R): Jamelia Frink, Megan Harries, Samantha Boustani, Kayla Corriea

Mathew O'Carroll (University of Redlands)

Factors affecting the quality of transported matter in streams.1

Supervisors: Dr. John Wehr and Mr. Kam Truhn

Brian BeLl (Fort Valley State University)

Effects of entomopathogenic fungi on the behavior of Ixodes scapularis nymphs.1,2

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels, Richard Falco and Amy Tuininga

Gregory Russo (Fordham University)

Song form and function in birds with split-song repertoires.1

Supervisors: Dr. Alan J. Clark

India Brown (Fort Valley State University)

The role of Brassica rapa FLC genes in flowering time.1,4,6

Supervisors: Drs. Amy Litt and Steven Franks

Jamelia Frink (Fort Valley State University)

Increasing breeding behaviors in a captive flock of American Flamingos.1,6

Supervisor: Dr. Alan J. Clark

Megan Harries (Fordham University)

Oviposition and larval development of the invasive mosquito Oclerotatus japonicus in tree holes and artificial containers.1,2,5

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels and Richard Falco

Samantha Boustani (Fordham University)

Fitness effects of enhanced intragenomic recombination in small populations.1,3

Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Plague

Kayla Correia (University of Massachusetts-Dartmounth)

The effects of eutrophicationon oviposition and larval development of Culex mosquitoes.1,2

Supervisors: Dr. Michael Rubbo, Thomas Daniels and Richard Falco

Nell Roberts (Fordham University)

Distribution of pollination service across an urbanized landscape.1,5

Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Matteson

1. Funded in part by the Calder Research Program.
2. Funded in part by NIH grant 5R21-AI075238-01 to TD and RF.
3. Funded in part by a NIH grant to GP.
Funded in part by the New York Botanical Garden (AL), and a Fordham Faculty Research Grant to SF.
5. Funded in part by the Dean of Fordham College.
6. Funded in part by Dr. Sarawan Dir, Fort Valley State University.

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