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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2009

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2009

Back Row (L to R): Matt Cashman, Jessie Lanterman, Gaelle Voltaire, Alexander Hernandez, Charles Cerbini and Keena Hudson.  Front Row (L to R): Rachael Walsh, Rebecca Lalchan, Liahna Gonda-King, Alison Cucco, Elizabeth Yin and Lily Hughes.

Alison Cucco (Fordham University)

Urbanization effects on nitrogen cycling and plant growth.1

Supervisors: Drs. James Lewis and Amy Tuininga


Lily Hughes (Clark University)

Comparison of methods to sample host-seeking, gravid, and blood-fed mosquitoes in the suburban landscape.1,2

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels and Richard Falco  

Rachael Walsh (Florida State University)

The function of multiple call types in a split-repertoire suboscine: the Eastern Wood Pewee.1

Supervisor: Dr. Alan J. Clark

Gaelle Voltaire (Fordham University)

Weevil climbing behavior: do rice weevils climb more than maize weevils, and if so, why?1

Supervisors: Dr. Gordon Plague

Liahna Gonda-King (St. mary's College of maryland)

The role of environmental factors in Microstegium vimineum at Teatown Lake Reservation.1

Supervisor: Drs. James Lewis, Michael Rubbo and Amy Tuininga

matthew cashman (Fordham University)

Land-use effects on benthic algal communities and nutrient enrichment in Westchester County, NY.1

Supervisor: Dr. John Wehr

jessie lanterman (hiram college)

From egg raft to emergence: growth & survival of mosquito larvae in vernal pools.1

Supervisor: Drs. Michael Rubbo and Richard Falco

Alexander Hernandez (Fordham University)

Distribution of  the black-legged tick in a northeastern deciduous woodland.1

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels, Amy Tuininga and Richard Falco

Elizabeth Yin (Rice University)

Ten new ways to kill ticks.

Supervisors: Drs. Amy Tuininga, Thomas Daniels, Richard Falco and Ms. Shannon Morath

Rebecca lalchan (Fordham University)

The effects of climate change on pollination and gene flow in Brassica rapa.1,3,4

Supervisor: Drs. Steven Franks and Amy Litt

Keena Hudson (fort valley state university)

The effects of urbanization on soil and Quercus rubra (red oak) along an urbanization gradient.1

Supervisor: Dr. James Lewis

Charles Cerbini (Fordham University)

Inducing earlier breeding in a flock of Ciliean Flamingos through acoustic enrichment.1

Supervisors: Drs. Alan Clark, Nacy Clum and Ms. Yvette Pokorny

1. Funded by the National Science Foundation #REU 0552630 to JDW and JDL.
2. Funded in part by NIH grant 5R21-AI075238-01 to TD and RF.
Funded in part by the New York Botanical Garden (AL), and a Fordham Faculty Research Grant to SF.
4. Funded in part by the Dean of Fordham College.

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