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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2012

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2012

CSUR Students 2012
Pictured (L to R): Jenna Petronglo, Kyle Clonan, Michelle Mathios, Megan Henriquez. Not Pictured: Brandon Klein.

Jenna Petronglo (Fordham University)

And then there were none: Where are all the ticks this year?1

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels and Richard Falco


Megan Henriquez (Fordham University)

The effects of relocation on the home ranges of Box Turtles.1

Supervisors: Ms. Erin Baker, Dr. Alan Clark and Dr. Michael Rubbo


Kyle Clonan (Fordham University)

The role of dormancy and germination cues in the adaptation of Brassica rapa to a novel environment.1

Supervisors: Dr. Steve Franks


Michelle Mathios (Fordham University)

Bats in the Bronx: Using acoustic data to identify bat species.1,2

Supervisor: Dr. Alan Clark


Brandon Klein (Fordham University)

Feeding kinematics of darter fishes (Percidae): Effect of the premaxillary frenum.1

Supervisor: Dr. Rose Carlson

1. Funded by the Louis Calder Center, Fordham University.
2. Funded by Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH).

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