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Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2013

Research Projects by CSUR-REU Students in 2013

Back Row (L to R): Leslie Ota, Kimberly Proenca, Kevin Lee, Victoria Monreal, Evan Miller.
Front Row (L to R): Rachel Betts, Diana Morales, Patricia Bohls, Erica Gaeta, Sabrina Ferrara

Sabrina Ferrara (Stonehill college)

Project Mosquito Runway: Which Ovitrap design will win?1

Supervisors: Drs. Thomas Daniels and Richard Falco


Patricia Bohls (Hiram College)

Genetic Testing of the taxonomic validity of two subspecies of the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus).1

Supervisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala


Diana Morales (Macaulay Honors college at cuny lehman college)

A Tale of Two Lakes: The effect of macrophytes on algal blooms in Calder Lake vs. North Lake.1

Supervisors: Mr. Steve DiLonardo and Dr. John Wehr


Rachel Betts (Centre college)

The effect of relocation on movement patterns and home range of Eastern Box Turtles.1,5

Supervisors: Ms. Erin Baker and Drs. Michael Rubbo and Alan Clark


Leslie Ota (Fordham University)

Avian perception: Mist-net visibility in a flight tunnel.1,3,4

Supervisors: Drs. Alan Clark, Christine Sheppard and Mr. William Haffey


Evan Miller (Moorhouse College)

Ecological factors influencing nesting and hybridization among sympatric sunfish species in an isolated lake.1

Supervisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala


Kimberly Proenca (Juniata college)

Understanding freshwater brown algae using molecular and culture based methods.1,2

Supervisors: Ms. Xian Wang and Drs. Ken Karol and John Wehr


Kevin Lee (Vassar College)

Variations in flower sex: pollen limitation and reproductive ecology of Penstemon digitalis.1,6

Supervisors: Drs. Steve Franks and Jenn Weber


Erica Gaeta (Humbolt state university)

Filling in the gaps: plant establishment after Hurricane Sandy in an urban old-growth forest.1,2

Supervisors: Ms. Jessica Schuler and Dr. Jim Lewis


Victoria Monreal (Western Washington university)

Invasive leaf litter effects on mosquito abundance and oviposition.1,5

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Rubbo


1. Funded by the national Science Foundation Grant#1063076 to JDW and JDL.
2. Funded in part by the New York Botanical Gardens.
Funded in part by the Wildlife Conservation Society.
4. Funded in part by the New York Audobon Society.
5. Funded in part by the Teatown Lake Reservation.
6. Funded in part by NSF Grant (DEB 1142784) to SF.

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