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Staff and Student Directory

Staff and Student Directory

Faculty - on site
Non-Faculty Scientists - on site
Affiliated Faculty- on Rose Hill Campus
Support Staff
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
High School Students

Faculty – On site

Thomas J. Daniels, Director, Associate Research Scientist - Vector Ecology
Richard C. Falco, Associate Research Scientist - Medical Entomology
Craig L. Frank, Associate Professor - Mammalian Ecology
James D. Lewis, Professor, Biology Department Chair - Plant Ecology
Jason Munshi-South, Associate Professor - Urban Evolutionary Ecology
Amy R. Tuininga, Associate Professor - Fungal Ecology
John D. Wehr, Professor & Director - Aquatic Ecology

Non-faculty Scientists – On site
Alissa Perrone, Assistant Director
Kam Truhn, Research Technician (Wehr lab)
Dawn Fariello, Graduate Manager for Calder Cabin

Affiliated Faculty – On Rose Hill campus
J. Alan Clark, Assistant Professor - Avian Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, and Conservation Biology
Steven Franks, Assistant Professor - Ecology and Evolutionary Dynamics of Natural Plant Populations
Evon Hekkala, Assistant Professor - Behavioral Ecology
Daniel J. Sullivan, S.J., Professor - Insect Behavior and Ecology

Support Staff
Mike G. Lambros, Caretaker
Petra E. Del Valle, Administrative Assistant / Business Manager

Graduate Students
Jason Aloisio - Ph.D. candidate; Rooftop Ecology (Drs. Lewis, Tuininga)
Beth Ansaldi - Ph.D. candidate; Reproductive Ecology of Triodanis perfoliata (Dr. Franks)
Rachel Bricklin - Ph.D. candidate; Quantifying the effects of light and noise pollution on birds migrating through an urban-rural corridor (Dr. Clark)
Chelsea Butcher - Ph.D. candidate; Genetic diversity and population structure of colonizing plant species on green roofs in NYC (Dr. Lewis)
Evelyn Fetridge - Ph.D. candidate; Effects of intragenomic homologous recombination on fitness and evolution in intracellular bacteria; Landscape correlates of native bee diversity in suburban gardens (Dr. Lewis)
Seth Ganzhorn - Ph.D. candidate; Genetic diversity of an endemic tree species in the Atlantic forest of southern Bahia, Brazil (Dr. Lewis & Dr. Thomas, NYBG)
Catharina Grubaugh - Ph.D. candidate; Nutritional quality of basal food resources in aquatic ecosystems (Dr. Wehr)
Deena Lopez - MSc; The distribution of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in New York and factors that affect its establishment (Drs. Daniels & Falco)
Mike Sekor - Ph.D. candidate; Quantitative genetics of colonizing plants (Dr. Franks)                       

Xian Wang - Ph.D. candidate; Organellar genome dynamics between poorly studied freshwater brown algae and other brown algae species and phylogeographic relationship among different freshwater brown algae populations from various locations (Dr. Wehr)
Sarah Whorley - Ph.D. candidate; The effects of anthropogenic activities on stream periphyton nutritional quality and community composition (Dr. Wehr)
Christine Zolnik - Ph.D. candidate; Spatial and temporal population dynamics of Ixodes scapularis and its internal microbes (Drs. Falco & Daniels)

Undergraduate Students
Colette Berg - assisting with Project Baseline, a seed bank to study evolutionary responses to climate change. She is also conducting a research project comparing seed characteristics in self-fertilized and outcrossed flowers of Impatiens capensis (Jewelweed). (Dr. Franks)
Brianna Cali - Urban green roof research (Dr. Lewis)
Jenna Petronglo -
Energy reserves in Nymphal Ixodes scapularis: Implications for Survival
Diana Shao -
contributing to a project examining the genetic basis of flowering time variation and evolution in Brassica rapa, focusing on sequence variation of the promoter regions of a major flowering time regulatory gene SOC1 (Dr. Franks)

High School Students
Denisse Gayosso-Lucano (Fox Lane HS)
Ben Kanfer
(Blind Hook HS)
Haley Kiss
(Mahopac HS)
Matt Lehman
(Mamaroneck HS)

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