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Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education

The goal of the educational programs at the LCC is to provide university students opportunities to learn about the natural world through hands-on experience in the field. Students are instructed in methods and conduct scientific research in relatively undisturbed ecosystems, yet near an urban center. The station also provides the first opportunities for many urban students to examine the natural world first hand. The field station has a long record of providing undergraduate students close collaborations with Fordham faculty members and opportunities to conduct their experimental studies to test ecological theory and learn about impacts of human disturbance on natural systems.


The LCC serves as a focal point for undergraduate education in several areas:
  • Summer courses taught at the station
  • Field Trips for undergraduate courses
  • Calder Summer Undergraduate Research (CSUR)
  • Honors theses and research tutorials
Educational Facilities
The station combines state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, teaching laboratories, classrooms, ecology library and a variety of biological communities for a broad education in field biology.

Students involved in their own research projects work in the laboratories of the faculty at the station.

Field Trips

Courses offered by the Biological Sciences Department at Fordham University use the station in a variety of field-based exercises, such as biodiversity of meadow communities, animal abundance estimates, and experiments on freshwater plankton. Local colleges such as Pace University, Columbia University, and Manhattanville College also bring their students to the station (with prior permission).
Calder Summer Undergraduate Research

The CSUR program offers undergraduate students opportunities to conduct their own independent research studies in the summer, with close instruction from Fordham faculty members.

The intellectual focus of the undergraduate research program has been grounded in independent research, and is supported by direct faculty mentoring and short courses on experimental design, data analysis, and scientific presentation.

Admission into the CSUR program is competitive, and full of information about research opportunities, current schedules, and application forms, are available at the CSUR website

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