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What's New?

What's New?

A New Calder Center Greenhouse

Water Quality Monitoring - A newly-deployed Calder Lake Buoy/Sonde

Long Term Vegetation Monitoring

Camera Trap at Calder

Acoustic Bat Monitors at Calder

A New Calder center greenhouse with automatic irrigation and lighting systems

An automatic irrigation and lighting system has been installed in the Calder greenhouse. These additions at Calder give users the ability to water their plants on a daily basis according to a specific regime. Both sprinklers and misters are available. Three separate zones for lighting have been set up to provide increased flexibility for users.

water quality monitoring - a newly-deployed calder lake buoy/sonde

Long term water quality monitoring has been re-initiated at the Calder Center. Calder Lake is a meso-eutrophic temperate lake which is 10 acres. Staff and students had been monitoring the lake monthly by manually taking measurements until about 2004. The Calder Center purchased a self-contained lake monitoring buoy to restart the long term monitoring of its lake. The buoy collects measurements such as (list variables) and relays this information to a data logger found on land. The Calder Center is now able to share a link to the real-time data via Fordham's website.

Long term vegetation monitoring

The Calder Center has restarted its long term monitoring of trees (number of individuals, species and DBH). During the summer of 2013, a Fordham undergraduate, using locations from a previous forest study, marked, measured and plotted tree species at the Calder Forest. Twenty-five long term monitoring forest plots have been established at Calder. In future summers, the Calder Center plans to develop a long term monitoring program of its open fields, wetlands and invertebrates.

Camera Trap at Calder

Coyotes, a bear, a bobcat, oh my! With more sightings of these animals in recent years (<5 years), the Calder Center has installed a camera trap. This technology will allow researchers to "capture" wildlife activity at the station. We installed a Reconyx 500, which is capable of (add specs). We are working to make these images available on our website for all to see. If this camera works well, we will install another one on the station in the near future.

Acoustic bat monitors at calder

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