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Conference Planning

Conference Planning

The Conference Checklist
There are many requirements that factor in to hosting a successful conference. Use our conference checklist (download) to help you plan a conference.

The Conference Webpage
A complete conference page will include all the information a visitor needs to register and attend the conference. Here are some suggestions for information you should include on your conference's page. You can also check out our sample conference page.

  • Conference Descriptions
    • A message from the sponsoring department
    • Mission / goals of the conference
    • Detailed conference description
    • Links to social media
  • Programming
    • Conference agenda / timeline
    • Keynote information
    • List speakers and bios
  • Academics
    • Credits offered for attending
    • Prerequisites
    • Who the conference is open to (e.g., grad students, professors, etc.)
  • Sponsors
    • About the sponsoring department and Fordham University
    • Other conference sponsors
  • Downloadable attachments
    • Conference agenda
    • Conference flyer
  • Logistical Information
    • Department contacts
    • Travel / accommodations / transportation information
  • Conference variables
    • Will you have different prices for attendees?
    • Will attendees be required to select sessions?
    • Will there be additional costs for certain sessions?
  • Images
    • Conference logo
    • Photos of speakers
    • Photos of previous conferences
    • Photos of locations

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