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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Activity Insight System – General Questions
What is Activity Insight?
Why does the University collect information on faculty activity?
What is the security level of the Activity Insight system?
Is there additional information available about Activity Insight and DigitalMeasures?
Who can I contact about any additional questions about Activity Insight and the faculty activity reporting process?
Accessing the Activity Insight System
Do I have to use a particular web browser in order to use the Activity Insight system?
How do I access the Activity Insight system?
What is my AccessIT ID and how do I get it?
What if my AccessIT ID does not work?
I logged into and navigated to the Faculty Activity Report System link. When I clicked on the link, another login page appeared for DigitalMeasures. What do I do?
When I clicked on the link to the Faculty Activity Report System, an ACCESS DENIED window appeared with a message stating, “You do not have permission to access this service.” What do I do?
How long will the system be available for me to use?
Entering Information Into the Activity Insight System
Once I am in the Activity Insight system, where do I enter my information?
How do I know which screen to use to enter different types of information? 
The Activity Insight system has a lot of new features, including new information fields and options. Do I need to fill out every field on every screen for which I am entering information?
Are there any required fields?
How do I submit my merit narrative?
Entering all the information from my current curriculum vitae would be very time consuming. Is the University providing any assistance for this data entering?
Can I enter information on faculty activity from previous years?
Running and Printing Reports in Activity Insight
How do I produce a copy of my faculty activity report?
How do I print my faculty activity report?
Submitting the Faculty Activity Report
How do I submit my faculty activity report once I have entered all of my information?

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