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Staff Directory

Office for International Services

Salvatore Longarino
Director, Office for International Services
P: 718-817-3145
P: 212-636-6270
F: 212-636-7368

Kimberly Carr
Assistant Director RH
P: 718-817-3145

Kelly Roberts
Assistant Director LC
P: 212-636-6270

Melanie Harvey
International Student Advisor
P: 718-817-3145
P: 212-636-6270

Jennifer Vos

International Study Abroad Programs

Ronald Mendez-Clark
Director, International and Study Abroad Program
P: 718-817-3464
F: 718-817-3471

Joseph Rienti
Assistant Director
P: 718-817-4924
P: 212-636-7135

Sajana Blank
Education Abroad Administrator
P: 718-817-3469
P: 212-636-7135

Robin Joseph
P: 718-817-3464

Institute of American Language and Culture

Irene Badaracco
Director, Institute of American Language & Culture
P: 212-636-7994
F: 212-636-7045

Maggie Hamble
Assistant Director
P: 212-636-7969

Victoria Kassie
Executive Secretary
P: 212-636-6353

For all other inquiries, contact:
David Heston
P: 718-817-2608

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