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Fordham University's Institute of American Language and Culture (IALC) offers English as a Second Language classes to students at a low intermediate to university preparatory level of English proficiency.  The core curriculum consists of traditional ESL classes in reading, writing and grammar; speaking, listening and vocabulary; and classes that combine all skills.  Content-based courses, covering topics such as Business English, Modern Short Fiction, and American Culture through the Arts, are also available to students at the advanced levels. 

For working students at the high-intermediate and advanced levels, evening classes are available. To meet the needs of matriculated Fordham students and students who test into Level 6, the IALC offers both credit and non-credit university preparatory classes.  

  Traditional ESL Classes University Preparatory Classes
  Content Courses Evening & Saturday Classes

In every class, at every level, correct grammar usage within the context of writing and speaking is emphasized.  The average class size is ten, so IALC students receive individual attention. All courses are non-credit with the exception of College ESL Writing which is offered only to matriculating Fordham University undergraduates.

Academic workshops focusing on grammar, American pronunciation, and conversation are offered to all registered IALC students at no additional cost.

Note: Course offerings alternate each semester

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