Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Elaine Ancekewicz
Ph.D. Yale, M.A. Cornell. Speciality: American Culture & University Prepatory Writing
Anita Berson
M.A. TESOL from the CUNY. Speciality: Business English & University Prepatory Writing
Gary Bjornson
Cindy Chwang
M.A. Teaching from the School for International Training. Specialty: Presentations & Public Speaking.
Ellen Davis
M.A. TESOL from NYU.Specialty: Beginning Writting and Presentations for Business Purposes.
Amy R. Evans
M.A. Theatre Arts from Goldsmiths College of the University of London. She is a published playwright and therefore specializes in Writing & Grammar.
Nancy Gear
M.A. TESOL from Columbia University's Teachers College. Nancy also teaches full-time at Bronx Community College. Speciality: University Prepatory Writing & Speaking.
Irene Gilman
Ph.D. Humanities Education & M.A. from NYU. Specialty: Content-Area Courses in American Culture & History.
Laura Greeney
M.A. English from NYU. Laura also teaches English at Fordham College. Specialty: American Fiction & University Prepatory Writing.
Elizabeth Henly
Elise Langan
Ph.D. Humanities from NYU. M.A. TESOL from UCLA. Specialty: High-Level Writing & Grammer and University Prepatory Writing.
Jennifer Marotta
Bonnie Masiello
M.A.Applied Linguistics from Columbia University. Specialty: Grammar and TOFEL classes.
Lisa McGann
M.A. TESOL from Columbia University. Specialty: Intermediate Writing & Speaking.
Todd Motto
M.A. from the London School of Economics. Business English and American Culture.
Barbara Oliner
M.A. TESOL from the School for International Training. Advanced Level & University Prepatory Writing.

Marcia Pally =
Ph.D. Multilingual, Multicultural Studies from NYU. M.A. TESOL from NYU. Marcia has authored two ESL/EFL textbooks, and eight others ranging in topics from politics to relgion. She also teaches as part of NYU's Multilingual, Multicultural Studies programming. Specialty: Content-Based ESL/EFL and Advanced-Level Grammar.
Rosaly Pandolfo
M.A. TESOL from Hunter College (CUNY). Specialty: Intermediate-Advanced Level Creative Writing.
James Petzke
J.D. from UCLA. M.A. TESOL from Columbia University's Teachers College. Specialty: Writing for Legal Purposes.
Connie Sargent
M.B.A. from Columbia University. M.A. TESOL from the New School. Specialty: Business English.
Janet Shanks
M.A. TESOL from Columbia University's Teachers College. Content-Area Courses.
Michelle Straussberg
Deborah Tacon
Elees Woods

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