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For international students who intend to enter the full-time intensive program (18 hours of study per week) the Institute of American Language and Culture issues I-20 forms through the Office for International Services (OIS).  The I-20 form is the application for F-1 student visa status.

To receive an I-20 form, you must submit the following items:

1. A completed IALC application form.

2. A $200 non-refundable tuition deposit (a check made out to "Fordham University").

3. A bank statement/letter in English confirming that the required amount of money will be available for student use (see Affidavit of Support Form for the required amount).

4. A notarized Affidavit of Support Form filled out and signed by the holder of the above bank account.

Once all of the above application materials have been received by the IALC, the documents will be forwarded to the Office for International Services (OIS) for the issuance of the I-20.

Original documents are not necessary for you I20 application.  However, OIS reserves the right to request original documents. 

Note for Transfer students:
F-1 students already in the United States must submit a  transfer form to the foreign student advisor at the school from which they are leaving, following acceptance to our program.

I-20 Summer Vacation Policy

Full-time ESL students with F-1 visa status are permitted to take vacation after nine months of study. Those who have completed consecutive fall and spring semesters may take off the entire summer. Those who have completed only the spring term must register for one summer session.  In both cases, students must state an intention to register for the following fall term in order to qualify for vacation.

Questions regarding immigration status should be directed to Fordham University's International Student Advisors in the Office for International Services at (212) 636-6270 or at

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