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Academic Workshops are available to all IALC students at no additional cost.  Students who want to improve their English skills as quickly as possible are advised to take advantage of these "bonus" classes.




This workshop is designed to teach students the consonant and vowel sounds in English, and has a special emphasis on the spelling of the different vowel sounds.  In class, students practice sounds individually and through participation in pair dialogues.  Each semester, the pronunciation workshop meets twice a week for forty-five minutes.

In this workshop, students tackle grammar points in need of additional attention.  Complete explanations are provided and students are given opportunities to put grammar knowledge into practice.  This workshop meets once a week for two hours.  The grammar workshop is offered at the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

With the guidance of an instructor, students will work in pairs and small groups to engage in a variety of interesting conersational activities to enhance their listening and speaking skills as well as encounter new vocabulary.  Topics of study include idioms, proverbs, puns and riddles, movies, books, and current issues and American cultural events.

TOEFL Preparation
This workshop, available in the fall and spring semesters, prepares students for the TOEFL iBt, covering the four basic skills tested: writing, speaking, listening, and reading.  Class activities and homework emphasize both independent and integrated skills.  A wide range of strategies for increasing one's TOEFL score are presented: vocabulary and idiom-building exerces, essay and summary writing skills, note-taking skills for the listening section, and techniques for improving speed and accuracy for the reading tasks.

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