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The Olga M. Ficarra/Francis J. Morison Language Laboratory is a multimedia, state- of-the-art learning center, servicing the Institute of American Language and Culture, the Departments of Modern Languages and Literatures, and Classical Languages.
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It is a multi-use, interactive, computer based facility with CD-ROM, audio and video capabilities all interfaced to 25 student work stations and connected to a master control console.
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The Lab is designed to accommodate users individually or in groups in an independent and/or monitored atmosphere. All work stations are fitted with up-to-date computers, periodically upgraded, along with the very latest audio/recording equipment.
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Computers offer CD-ROM and internet access as well as video viewing options in various formats. The audio/recording assembly allows for traditional listening and dubbing as well as random pairing and grouping. The master control console houses several high-tech, computerized devices which enable instructors to interact with students on an individual and/or group basis. This control unit is electronically designed for the simultaneous transmission of CD-ROM, computer, audio and video programs, thus making a variety of language oriented activities available at any given time. The facility also features a video class of up to 25 students for the viewing of films and instructional programs in various video formats.
Language Laboratory Lincoln Center, Room 412
Dr. Sarafina DeGregorio, Director
Mon- Thurs: 10am - 9pm, Fri: 10am - 5pm

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