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The International and Study Abroad Programs Office is located in the basement of the Walsh Library on the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. The Lincoln Center International and Study Abroad Programs Office is located across the street from the Leon Lowenstein Building in midtown Manhattan. Maps and Directions to both campuses are available here.


Joseph Rienti, Assistant Director 
Dr. Rienti studied abroad at the Universite de Paris, Sorbonne for one year while pursuing his BA in International Political Economy and French from Fordham University. Upon graduating from Fordham, Dr. Rienti taught high school English at Lycee Charles le Chauve in Roissy-en-Brie, France as part of an Ambassade de France and Fulbright Commission partnership. He has also worked as a Financial Aid Counselor at Fordham. Dr. Rienti earned an MA in Humanities and Sciences from Fordham's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences a M.Phil and a Ph.D in French Literature and Culture from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His dissertation, "Reading the Restaurant: Social Class, Identity, and the Culture of Consumption in the Nineteenth Century French Novel" examines the place of the restaurant in the literary culture of the 19th century. Dr. Rienti has taught French courses at City College and at Fordham University and has traveled throughout France and the Francophone world. He has spoken at international education conferences in the US and abroad on topics including gender inbalance, diversity, and creative student financing models in study abroad programs. He is a dual citizen of the US and the United Kingdom. Since joining ISAP, Dr. Rienti has served as Coordinator for International Programs and advises students on scholarships and other sources of study abroad funding.

SAJANA BLANK, Education Abroad Administrator
Ms. Blank studied at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York where she was an honors student in Global Studies with a concentration in African Studies and South Asian Studies. While in college, she had the chance to study abroad for two separate semesters in both Kenya and India. She considers herself a global citizen, and enjoys learning about new cultures. Ms. Blank has had the privilege of traveling or living abroad in parts of North Africa, East Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She has dedicated her professional career to international education by leading community service programs to Tanzania through Putney Student Travel, and working for the Center for International and Intercultural Studies department at her alma mater, St. Lawernce University. Most recently, she worked at AFS-USA Intercultural Programs in New York City. In this capacity, Ms. Blank helped oversee the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES Program); a public diplomacy program sponsored by the US Department of State. The YES Program provides full scholarships for secondary aged international student to study in the United States and helps raise intercultural understanding between the US and the Muslim World.

Robin  Joseph, Study Abroad Coordinator

Lucy Amon, Study Abroad Advisor

Abigail sargent, Study Abroad Mentor

Student Ambassadors

Melissa Bright
Study abroad challenged me both academically and personally and was an overall rewarding experience in many ways. I encountered many differences in the UK and French educational systems and gained a newfound appreciation of my familiar American educational system. I took classes outside of what I would be able to take at Fordham, which broadened my horizons academically. My foreign language classes were some of the most difficult, yet most rewarding courses I have ever taken, and my language proficiency greatly improved. Outside of my classrooms, I also learned a lot about history, countries, and politics while traveling. The personal impact of studying abroad for me, however, was much greater. I learned to be more confident, outgoing, and independent. I learned to become more comfortable with getting lost and more adept at finding the right way. I learned to take things in stride and deal with the unexpected things that happen along the way, and also to be more grateful for things I had taken for granted. I learned from meeting other people and interacting with different cultures, and gained a greater understanding about the world. I learned the things I missed about home, and I learned what I love about being abroad.

One piece of advice I would offer to students wishing to study abroad is to be flexible and regroup. Living in a foreign country, one is bound to encounter lots of unexpected things, both positive and negative. One cannot anticipate everything, so try to be flexible and just go with it! Some of the most unexpected things are the greatest, most memorable things. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the random opportunities that come along, talk to anyone you meet, or forget the plan you might have had; do something incredibly unexpected, something you never imagined! Other things are unexpectedly difficult. Things will be different, traveling will be exhausting, navigating a life in a different country is tough, so don’t be afraid to regroup and focus on what is most important and what you most want to take away from your experience.

My current post-graduation plans are still very unclear, but I am hoping to pursue a Masters Degree in Education. I am, however, considering taking a gap year before entering graduate school to return abroad and teach English for a year.

Natalie Devaughn
I am a senior International Studies major and History minor. If I could describe my time abroad in one word it would be "freeing." I explored subjects I wouldn't have been able to at home and had the opportunity to see cultures and political issues of various countries from my new perspective of living in Ireland. Immersing myself in a foreign culture for five months presented challenges, but embracing them as learning experiences made my semester abroad a period of growth for me. I became more confident, quick-thinking, and I learned how to make connections and form meaningful friendships in a short amount time.

For people getting ready to study abroad, my suggestion is to take no expectations with you. No matter how much you know about the place you go, there will be surprises--good and bad--and you will surprise yourself as well. Engage with the people you meet, and ask questions that go deeper than observations you could make on your own. In the end, the best things to leave with are friends and a new appreciation for world cultures.

With the freedom provided by studying abroad, I was able to clearly see what academic subjects I am really passionate about and the activities that I really enjoy committing myself to. After I graduate, I hope to return to Ireland to study history at the graduate level.

Lianna Drobatz

My name Lianna Drobatz, and I am a senior member of the Fordham College Rose Hill, class of 2015.  I major in Spanish Language and Literature, but I also follow the Pre-Health track.  After graduation I can only hope to return one day to Granada, the place that became another home for me.  Besides that, my goal right now is to work and travel for a few years, and after that I hope to start my medical school career.  I would one day like to become a doctor who works primarily with women and ideally in a Spanish-speaking community.

My study abroad experience was more than anything I could have imagined; it completely changed my perspective on the world around me.  I stepped off the bus in Granada, Spain as an anxious, obsessive perfectionist.  The prevalent laid back, no pasa nada attitude allowed me to focus on and take in the breath-taking scenery around me.  It was a five-month period of learning to communicate in another language and completely immersing myself in a beautiful culture.  I took weekend trips to Portugal, I ran around the grounds of La Alhambra, I forged relationships with some of the most interesting and wonderful people in the Fordham community and the comunidad granadina.  Also, as an academically type-A personality, I learned the importance of slowing my pace and taking breaks for tapas.  While I did focus on a calmer approach to life, I still challenged myself by taking a Spanish literature class at the European Universidad de Granada.  I succeeded in a class in which I never thought my success would be possible. If you are planning to study abroad, immerse yourself in every aspect of the culture.  Make European friends, stumble over the language, get lost wandering the streets of your community. Waste no moment in your host country; every minute brings new and exciting challenges and opportunities for growth.

Stephen Pace

My name is Stephen Pace, and I am a Junior in the Gabelli School of Business. I am a Finance major with a minor in Economics. I studied abroad with the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham's London Centre.
My study abroad experience has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional development. The Gabelli Study Abroad Program gave mean opportunity to learn new cultures and customs. I was able to immerse myself in everything London has to offer, while also getting a chance to experience nearby cities during my free time. I also learned in the classroom, specifically gaining a better perspective on business practices on a global scale.
The one thing I would tell students who plan to study abroad is to not let a day go to waste. You may never have a chance to visit or live in your host country again, so take advantage of it. Head away from the tourist areas and find the places that make a city tick. Those memories are what I cherish the most from mystudy abroad experience.
After graduation, I am looking to pursue a career in the financial services industry, with a goal of one day starting my own business.

Marina Rumore
As an Anthropology Major and International Humanitarian Affairs Minor in the Class of 2015, I am excited to talk with students about the cultural immersion programs that await them through various study abroad opportunities. My own study abroad experience in Alicante, Spain was one of my favorite parts of my Fordham experience. Not only was I able to create strong cross-cultural bonds with the people I met there and studied with, but I came home speaking Spanish and counting down the days until I can go back!
For those of you who may think living in a country where everyone speaks a different language and has different cultural norms sounds terrifying, don't worry, I thought so too! Being afraid of the unknown is all the more reason to put yourself out there and use your abroad experience as an opportunity for growth. You will not come home the same person. Instead, you will develop various life skills and have experiences that just cannot be recreated in a classroom. Get excited for the adventures that await!
After graduation, I hope to go back to Spain to teach English for a year. I'm confident this experience will allow me to further my Spanish-speaking skills and utilize them in my future career. I also plan to get a Masters in Public Health, but until then, I'm looking forward to my return to Spain!


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