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Short-Term Programs

Fordham Short-Term Programs

Fordham University’s short-term study abroad programs allow Fordham students who cannot commit to a semester or full year abroad to incorporate a global dimension into their education.
Fordham faculty develop courses with the specific host cities in mind. They guide students to engage with the world openly and experience firsthand the vibrancy and excitement of foreign cultures, while studying and reflecting on challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.

Fordham’s short-term study abroad programs include 2-6 week courses taught at various foreign destinations as well as campus-based courses with embedded 7-10 days study tours.
All study abroad courses seek to maximize the unique curriculum opportunities a given destination offers to both faculty and students, and cover disciplines such as: Anthropology, Art History, Business, Communications, German, History, Italian, Medieval Studies, Spanish, Theater, Urbanism and Visual Arts.

If you have qu
estions about these programs, the eligibility requirements and the application process please review the relevant information or contact the ISAP Office at or 718-817-3464.

Winter Tours
THEA 4302: Russian Theater Workshop

VART 3001: Documentary Photography: Japan
Spring Tours

ARHI 2258: Modern Art in Havana, Cuba

MLAL 3504: Berlin Tales

MVST 4998: Medieval Spain
Summer I Courses
ANTH 3771: Pyramids, Gods, and Mummies

COMM 3489: British Heritage Cinema

HSRU 3941: Archiving Africa: Uncovering the History of Britain's African Empire

SPAN 3990: Spanish Immersion in Spain
Summer II
AFAM 3148: History of South Africa

ARHI 3316: Art and Architecture of Rome

THEA 2750: Performing Italian

VART 3500: Documentary Photography in Italy

THEO 3360: Reformation Texts

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