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ELIGIBILITY & EVALUATIONOpportunities for full-term study at foreign destinations are open to juniors in good academic standing (GPA of 3.00 or better) and a clear disciplinary record.

All applicants must complete a Fordham Study Abroad Application, which requires a Statement of Purpose and Goals Questionnaire, a Major Advisor/GSB Dean Reference Form and a Faculty Recommendation Letter.  For programs in which the language of instruction is not English, a Language Evaluation Form must also be completed. 

The following scale is used to rank applications:
* Statement of Purpose Questionnaire (70%)
* Major Advisor Reference Form (15%)
* Faculty Recommendation Letter (15%)

Applications that might require additional consideration are reviewed by the Study Abroad Selection Committee (this committee’s recommendations are final).

Short Term
Opportunities for short-term study at foreign destinations are open to students currently matriculated at Fordham University (or, in some cases, another institution).  In order to receive credit, applicants must complete the the appropriate short-term application. For students appying to a Fordham program, students should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a clear disciplinary record.

Students are also expected to meet the eligibility requirements for their program of choice, be they Fordham faculty-led or operated by a third party provider.

Besides the academic policies of Fordham and major programs, the following policies apply:

* To secure necessary approvals and the transferring of credits, students are required to submit all application forms to the ISAP office on stipulated dates. Participants must make sure their projected study abroad credits do not exceed the number of transfer credits allowed to receive a Fordham degree. Students must register for a full course load to meet a minimum Fordham equivalent of 12 credit hours per semester. 

* Core curriculum courses are not to be taken abroad. Major/minor advisor and Fordham’s Director of Study Abroad must approve courses to be taken abroad in advance. Program forms requesting official university approval must be signed by Fordham’s Director of Study Abroad.

* Grades earned abroad are recorded on a student’s transcript, but with the exception of those from the London Dramatic Academy, GSB's London program, and the Fordham faculty-taught courses in the Fordham in Granada, Fordham in London, and Fordham in Pretoria programs are not calculated in the student’s GPA.  A grade of C or better in each course is required.
Credits for duplicate courses will not transfer.  (Since a poor language placement may require doing abroad course work that amounts to duplication of courses already taken at Fordham, it is important to weigh the situation carefully and to avoid a gap in language study). One-credit courses or credits for courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis will not transfer.  Please note that SAB participants are not eligible for Dean's List honors at FCRH and FCLC, as such honors are based on the GPA earned in a minimum of 24 credit hours taken at Fordham.

* Students applying to programs in non-English speaking countries will need to take a program language placement test.  Since a poor placement may require doing course work abroad that amounts to duplication of courses already taken at Fordham, it is important to weigh the situation carefully and to avoid a “gap” in language study.

Fordham per-term tuition charges cover tuition for the Fordham in London, Fordham in Granada, and Fordham in Pretoria as well as exchange programs.  Given the student’s continuing eligibility, all Fordham financial aid will be portable for these programs except room specific aid, work-study and Metro Grants.  Tuition Remission, Tuition Exchange and FACHEX will continue in place for the programs mentioned above.

For all other ISAP study abroad programs, the following applies:

Portable Aid:  Fordham financial aid will be prorated, it cannot exceed the actual aid the student would be eligible for if in attendance at Fordham, and is subject to the following caps: 1) up to $5000 per semester for full year study at approved programs; 2) up to $3000 per semester for one-term study at approved programs in Africa,  the Far and Middle East, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Latin America; 3) up to $2250 per semester for one-term study at all other approved programs. 
Non-portable Aid: Tuition benefits obtained through FACHEX, Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission are not portable for these other programs. Metro Grants, room-specific aid and work-study are also not portable.

For all study abroad programs, as long as all eligibility requirements are met, students eligible for a Pell Grant, a New York State TAP grant or student loans can apply this aid toward their study abroad charges.

Short Term
Program fees for Fordham Abroad Courses are to be paid to the ISAP office directly; tuition is billed to the student.  The Fordham University Short-Term Study Abroad Application includes a $50 early action ord $75 regular non-refundable application fee.

For non-Fordham Programs, fees (including tuition)are not billed to/paid by Fordham University.The Fordham Abroad Course Application included a $65 non-refundable fee. 

Study abroad fees will depend on the cost of the program chosen.  In all cases, Fordham per-term tuition covers all SAB fees that are billed to and paid by Fordham with three provisions: 1) when fees exceed tuition, a supplement is charged to cover the difference; 2) when fees are lower a credit may apply; 3) study abroad participants will be charged a $1475 per term tuition premium/administrative fee.

Additional Fees:  1) A non-refundable application fee is required of all applicants; 2) Both the University General Fee and the Technology Access Fee will be charged.

Fordham University students enrolled in study abroad programs are expected to comply at all times with the University Code of Conduct and all other rules, regulations and policies contained in the Student Handbook and other University publications.  It is important to remember also that participants are expected to conform to the rules, policies, and standards of the host institution and program.

Students must secure transcripts required by the study abroad program(s) they apply to and, upon completing their term abroad, request that an official transcript be sent to the Director of Study Abroad at Fordham.  All participants are expected to complete and return a full-term or short-term Program Evaluation Form shortly after their return.  Please note that the study abroad transcript will not be evaluated nor the credits posted until this form is returned to ISAP.

Students normally arrange and pay for their own travel to and from the study abroad site. Some programs provide airport meet-and-greet services; look for details in acceptance materials.

Students are required to show proof of appropriate medical and accident insurance and to secure additional insurance when required by the program.

* Financial holds preclude all registration activity, including acceptance into the study abroad programs.
* Fordham's Roster of Approved Programs is extensive.  ISAP will not process full-term applications to programs offered by universities and organizations with which Fordham does not have affiliation agreements.
* These are current study abroad guidelines and policies.  Fordham University reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of these, and/or to make additional changes necessary for the continued successful operation of this program.

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