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Study abroad at Fordham is part of a long-standing tradition of Jesuit education that seeks to enhance students’ understanding of the world’s peoples and their interdependence. Our goal is to help students gain an understanding of other cultures and to incorporate a global dimension to their chosen fields of study.  Fordham prides itself in offering its students one of the most extensive networks for foreign study of any major university.  As such, it is important to research your options, to become familiar with the different types of programs Fordham offers as well as the applicable academic and financial guidelines and policies.  It is also important to deliberate.  What would matter most to you in selecting a study abroad program? A destination and the length of the intended program?  Opportunities to do course work on your major?  Would the prominence of a given city or foreign university and the richness of the culture of the host community be more important to you? What about commitment to linguistic, cultural and academic immersion?   Do you have specific academic goals or interests you would like pursue in a foreign academic setting?  What would these be?

Please stop by our offices—the ISAP staff looks forward to working with you and to offering the advising and services you will need to get the most out of your experience abroad.
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We are now accepting applications to study abroad in Summer 2015, Fall 2015 and 2015-2016 Academic Year. Apply Here!

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2015-2016 Applicants: Register here for an upcoming International Education Advising Seminar.


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