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Returning to Fordham

Sharing Your Study Abroad Experience
Program Evaluation: Complete your Program Evaluation online. Please complete your Program Evaluation upon returning from abroad by loggin in to the Study Abroad Portal. The ISAP Staff reads each  program evaluation and they are made available to prospective study abroad students to assist them in researching their programs.

Study Abroad Book Club:  Join other study abroad alumni in reading and discussing a pertinent book selected by the Book Club members. If you are interested, please email

The Study Abroad Alumni Art Exhibit at Fordham features everything from sketches and poetry to photography and painting done by students who have been inspired by their time abroad. If you are interested, please email

Study Abroad Photo Contest:  The ISAP office hosts a study abroad photo contest each semester. 
Read about the Spring 2009 Photo Contest Winners in Inside Fordham Online.

US Center for Citizen Diplomacy Photo Contest

University Language Service sponsors a photo contest with a chance to win one of four scholarships of either $100 or $500. Submit a photo you have taken while studying abroad, then write a description of no more than 200 words describing where the photo was taken and why it summarizes your experience abroad. You must be a college student and U.S. citizen to enter. See their website for the full set of rules. 

Transition Abroad Publishing is dedicated to work, study, living, and cultural immersion abroad and is currently seeking articles for their annual Student Writing Contest.  Prizes will be awarded to winning submissions and will be published on the Transition Abroad website and Webzine. Specific contest guidelines and samples of past winners can be found online. Also, Transition Abroad accepts Student Participant Reports, Student-to-Student Reports, and Study Abroad Advisor articles on an ongoing basis, all year around, with payments ranging from $50 to $100.  

Study in Spain Video Contest The Ministry of Education of Spain awards a prize to the creator of a video which best portrays the experience of studying in Spain. For more details, please visit  

Study in Australia Video Contest The Government of Australia awards a prize to the video which best portrays how studying in Australia has impacted you. For more details, please email

Human Development Conference at University of Notre Dame is an annual student research conference in February of each year. Proposals must be submitted by mid-October. Fore more information, please visit the conference website

Language Practice, Graduate School Programs, and Volunteering at Fordham

Impact Initiative Student Group
The Office for International Services sponsors a student group that participates in activiites to learn more about the United Nations and its work with NGOs. For more information, please visit their website.

Language Exchange Program

Institute of American Language and Culture (IALC)
The purpose of this program is to give students an opportunity to practice a foreign language with a native speaker (ESL students, who speak English at various levels). For example, if you are an English speaker interested in practicing your Spanish, you will be paired with a native Spanish speaker interested in practicing English. The program not only helpsto keep your foreign language skills sharp, but it brings you in contact with a different aspect of the region where you have studied abroad. It is also a great way to share knowledge and your experience with your conversation partner’s native language and culture. For more information, please e-mail or complete the sign-up form.

International Students’ Association
Office for International Services (OIS)
Take advantage of international students studying at Fordham – just like ESL students, they can be an eager audience and a great help in keeping your study abroad experience alive.

The Master’s Program in Latin American and Latino Studies
Through the Latin American and Latino Studies Department, this program lets you earn a Master’s Degree in just one additional year     of studies. If you are a Fordham College Junior with a B+ or better average, you are eligible. More information can be found at the  LALSI website:

The Master’s Program in International and Political Economy and Development
The Graduate Program in International Political Economy & Development
Study global economic relations from an advanced interdisciplinary approach and pair it with practical field experience. Specializations include International Banking & Finance, International Development Studies, International & Development Economics, and International Political Analysis. For more information visit the IPED website.

The Graduate Program in Classical Languages and Civilizations
Classical Languages & Civilizations
This is an M.A. and Ph.D. program for students who have taken Greek or Latin as undergraduates. It offers a broad range of courses in the languages, literatures and history of Greece and Rome, and in the literature of the mediaeval period. For more information, visit the Classical Languages and Civilization website. 

Study Across the Pond
Graduate Schools in the United Kingdom
Across the Pond is an organization that will assist you in applying to graduate school in the United Kingdom.

Qatar Scholarship Program
The Qatar Scholarship Program
The Qatar Scholarship Program offers dedicated Arabic language students from the United States the opportunity to master their skills in an intensive Arabic language program at Qatar University (QU) in Doha for an entire academic year (September to June). The scholarship includes tuition, room and board in university dorms, round-trip airfare, local transportation, and books.

Job Search / Resume Building
Career Planning
Career Services Office
Studying abroad allows you to develop cross-cultural communication skills, the ability to analyze and adjust to local customs and cultural contexts, flexibility, maturity, independence, and adaptability.  In addition to the ability to learn another language, studying abroad forces you to deal constructively with cultural differences and situations you would have never faced otherwise. All of these skills are extremely valuable, as companies are increasingly searching for employees who can interact on a global scale.

Read an Article from the Chronicle of Higher Education written by alumnus Andrew Hudson, FCLC'09, on returning abroad to work.

Continue Your Abroad experience

The SIT Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program
provides recent college graduates the opportunity to earn graduate credit while gaining international field experience focused on a critical global issue. Through SIT's extensive in-country networks, participants enjoy full cultural immersion and a rich level of access to a wide array of experts engaged in innovative projects in the student’s chosen topic area. Students are strongly encouraged to undertake work that would benefit a local community while furthering their own professional development. Programs are available in Chile, Ghana, India, Switzerland, Botswana, and Oman.

CIEEoffers paid Teach Abroad positions in Chile, the Dominican Republic, Spain, China, Thailand, and South Korea. These positions are for graduates looking to teach English abroad, gain real-world experience, and make a difference in a foreign community. Programs are offered in the spring and the fall. A bachelor’s degree is required, as are Spanish language skills for teaching in Chile, Spain, or the Dominican Republic.

The Teaching Assistant Program in France is run by the French Ministry of Education and the Cultural Services at the French Embassy. Be a paid English teacher in a French primary or secondary school. Positions are available in all regions of France and overseas in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. 

The Spanish Ministry of Education hasa program that will fund students to be North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain. Participants are given funded positions as English or French language assistant instructors in a K-12 school. The program provides a monthly stipend as well as health insurance.
JET Japan English Teacher Program
Teach English in Japan for 2 years. The JET program seeks to foster ties between Japanese citizens and JET participants at the person-to-person level.Participants are given positions as either an Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations, or a Sports Exchange Advisor. 

Work Abroad
offers work- and travel-abroad programs in places such as France, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They also have volunteerprograms in South Africa, Peru, and Cambodia. Bunac allows you to experience the everyday life and culture of other countries through work and travel.

Volunteer Abroad
The Peace Corps hasvolunteer opportunities in many fields in 75 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Volunteers learn a new language, exchange ideas, and take part in these communities as partners and friends. As volunteers push to serve ideals such as understanding, tolerance, kindness, and patience, their lives are enriched by the friendships they make, the challenges they undertake, and the experience of seeing the world from a new perspective. Volunteers must be U.S. citizens at least 18 years old and in good health. Volunteers must make a 27 month commitment to their position.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps works with hundreds of grassroots organizations to provide essential services to low-income people and those who live on the margins of our society. JVs work for and with people who are homeless, unemployed, refugees, people with AIDS, the elderly, street youth, abused women and children, the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled nationally and internationally.


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