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London Centre

London Centre

Fordham University London Centre, located at 23 Kensington Square, is housed on the campus of Heythrop College, a part of the University of London that specializes in Philosophy and Theology.

Fordham University’s London Centre moved from the Bloomsbury area of London to Heythrop College early in 2009 and is today home to a variety of Fordham University’s own study abroad programmes. These include:

  • The long established London Dramatic Academy: this is an intense 14-week academic and practical programme in the craft of British classical theatre, offered in the fall and again in the spring semesters of every year. 
  • Programs in Business Administration: these are sponsored by Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business and include a 15-week programme in the fall and spring semesters, and a 4-week business course during the summer open to all business students.
  • Fordham’s Liberal Arts Summer Program in London: a series of special courses offered by Fordham’s undergraduate Colleges during the four or five-week summer session. Participants combine classroom study with outings and excursions that feature London as their text. Past courses have included The Films of Alfred Hitchcock, The Making of Modern Britain, Archiving Africa: Uncovering the History of Britain’s African Empire, The Politics of the Supernatural: Horror in the British Empire. Upcoming courses include London Underground - History, Myths and Traditions; The Church in Medieval England, and British Heritage Cinema - Nationalism, Quality and Culture.
  • NEW! London Centre Liberal Arts Semester (LCLAS): This initiative, launched in Fall 2012, offers an exceptional programme, featuring a core course at the centre of the program “Britain and its Fragments: Culture, Politics and Literature”, and a 2 credit research module that will require independent work related to but not limited by the course content. Additional courses are chosen from the offerings of the Fordham London Centre, our partner CAPA International Education’s London programme, and through direct enrolment from one of three local universities: City, Westminster or Roehampton. The programme, offered to sophomores, juniors or seniors, provides a unique experience to students who interact with London as their campus and their textbook.

Future plans include expanding on these programmes in order to offer a balanced selection of academically rigorous and relevant study programmes that focus on London as an integral part of each and every course.

The Fordham staff at the London Centre provide a comprehensive introduction to London and on-going support for students and faculty alike. For further information, please click on the specific links listed on the left.

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