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About the School

For three decades, Fordham University and the London Dramatic Academy have provided a program for American students to live in London and study acting for one semester or a year. Our aim is to offer an introduction to the finest actor training Britain can offer. Based on the great British tradition of three-year drama academies, we focus on intensive physical and vocal work, acting exercises, and using the actor’s imagination to bring to life the playwright’s words and character’s actions. Above all, this rigorous program creates a supportive atmosphere where every student can grow, change, and take risks. We ask you to bring all you have to the classroom experience to bring out the best in other students and teachers. Emphasis is placed on small classes and one-to-one tutorials, as well as the creation of a vibrant and artistic group. We will teach you to feel more comfortable performing Shakespeare and more vital and capable as an actor. We give you the basics; you take them, with experience, into artistry.

The skills you learn at LDA will help you in any profession you choose; they will assist you in communicating and relating to others.

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