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London Dramatic Academy - Conservatory Acting Program

The LDA Conservatory Acting Program is for Study Abroad students who wish to train as actors in London, UK for one semester. The training is based on the curriculum and practices of the great British Classical training academies. The program has had a connection with RADA for many years and continues to benefit from contact with young graduates and shared faculty.

Prospective candidates will be accepted by audition and recommendations. Being a theatre major is beneficial but not a requirement.

What you’ll learn:

Training as an actor involves daily physical and acting classes such as Acting Shakespeare, Period Dance, Physical Theatre, Voice, Speech/Dialects, Acting, Stage Combat , Movement, etc, generally from 9-5pm. Weekly classes include Theatre History, Literature and Dramatic Criticism, based on regular theatre and site visits and other cultural activities.

What you’ll achieve:

Graduates have gone on to train at some of America’s and Britain’s foremost actor training programs and are pursuing careers both in the theatre and allied professions.

The skills you learn as an actor, such as empathy, historical and social context, listening, organisation, communication, a developed voice, physical ease, following an objective and understanding others’ motives are transferrable skills. You’ll increase your knowledge of poetry, literature and drama as well as do allied research in the areas of art, music and dance. You will increase your critical skills and worldliness, question habits and assumptions. You’ll become familiar with another country and culture and become a more educated individual.

What Previous students have said:

“LDA gave new meaning to Stella Adler's words: "Growth as an actor and a human being are synonymous."The fourteen weeks I spent at the London Dramatic Academy proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The dynamic and rich city of London is the ideal setting for a term of endless artistic growth and personal discovery. The outstanding faculty nurtured me as a student while pushing me to flourish into a more grounded and complex artist. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for young actors who are looking to open their hearts and minds to a delightfully challenging and incredibly rewarding conservatory program. The growth as an actor I experienced in the classrooms at LDA fed my growth as a person at home in the world.”
-Shea Kelly

“When I first found out that I was accepted to LDA I was ecstatic. I had heard great things about the program from a few of my older theater peers and I wanted to go and find out what all the hype was about. Beyond that though I hoped that the program would provide me with the opportunity to be in a conservatory setting; something that I thought could greatly help me in my craft. After a few weeks I learned that my friends had been telling the truth and that LDA would be everything I wanted it to be. Being in London with all of the Academy's Professors helped to mature me and elevate me to a higher level than I was before I arrived. Not only that, but I was also able to learn skills that would help me to continue to better myself in the future. I will never forget the great the friends I made, the experiences I had, or what I learned while at the London Dramatic Academy.”
-Lukecus King

“LDA was an incredibly fulfilling and enlightening experience for me. Every class, faculty member, and fellow classmate helped me grow into a better and stronger actor, student, and person and I will be forever grateful. LDA is more than an excellent acting program, it is a family away from home.”
-Minou Clark


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